Letter: Be aware, speedy trail users need space on left

Bonny Babb encourages readers to be considerate of others on the shared trails. Why not focus on herself first. She wouldn’t be startled when a cyclist passes if she were paying attention to where she is. I’m tired of nicely saying “on your left” or “excuse me.” I’ve walked and biked the trails alone, and with others, and always I make sure there is enough space on the left for a faster traveler to pass. It’s like when you’re in a grocery store — don’t park your cart in the middle of the aisle where it’s in the way of others. 

And for Jim Babb, why does what a cyclist wears or how much their bike cost matter? I ride a $30 bike I got at a yard sale, wearing sweatpants I bought at a second-hand store. So what? His  young grandchildren will be safe if he makes sure they stay off the left side of the trail. It’s that simple. Does he need trail striping and signs?

— Sarah Mann