Letter: Companies pay more Outside

Vote Yes on No. 1 in August. Yes prevailing simply means the taxes Alaska was due to earn will be restored. The oil companies have huge money … plenty for signs, ads, staff and expenses to tell us why they should not pay their fair share of taxes.

Parnell sold Alaska down the road in pushing SB 21 through quickly. He favored his rich contributors against the average working people in Alaska.

The facts are, according to Sen. Steadman at: www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_documents.asp?chamber:

Alaska oil companies at $105/barrel would pay  about one-third less in taxes than those in North Dakota for the same revenue.

Further, North Dakota went to No. 2 in production, not because of low taxes to oil giants, but because of fracking and horizontal drilling.

Ten years ago, North Dakota was No. 8 in the nation. That changed when drilling became successful in the Bakken formation using fracking and horizontal drilling, pushing N.D. to No. 2 because of hundreds of new, productive wells. Nothing to do with the tax structure.

Alaskan oil giants already pay less in taxes.

— Linda Sharp