Letter: Be yourself; don’t let others define you by what you are

How do you want to be defined, or judged?

By what you are, such as ethnicity, pigment, sex or any other thing you are born with and have absolutely no control over?

Or who you are, based upon your own singular individual thoughts, actions, reactions, experience, history, ideology and all other things that shape you into YOU, the individual you are?

Our government, and so many other large entities define you as what you are, rather than who you are, and expect you to act, and think accordingly within the confines of that “what.”

Said thought process is blatantly racist, bigoted and sexist, yet said thought process is rarely called out as such.

I wonder why that is so?

Ignore their labels.

Ignore all labels.

Live your life as who you are, not how any other entity determines how you should live your life by what you are.

We are all of us individuals, not a tool of any group mentality that the powers that be wish to control.

— Randy Lee Harkins