Letter: Traditional marriage provides best environment for children

The benefit of traditional marriage to society is supported by religious tradition, social experience and scientific fact. More often these discussions are caked in accusation of bigotry and anti-gay hostility. Such name-calling suppresses rational dialogue and seeks to win influence by insult rather than by evidence. 

The truth is, the great religions of the day support traditional marriage, not because of animosity toward individuals with homosexual inclinations but because of fundamental and even ancient doctrines regarding the establishment of marriage by God as an ideal means of perpetuating virtue and morality and providing the ideal environment for raising children. 

The benefit of marriage to society has also been well established scientifically and in the collective experience of counselors (both religious and secular). The best outcomes for children come when they are cared for and raised by both biological parents. The benefit of having a biological mother has never been in question. There is a growing body of evidence that supports a biological father’s influence. Marriage is about the kids and hence about our future.

— Derek Ellingson