Letter: Whistle-blowers are real heroes

To date, ADN’s coverage of the Alaska Senate campaign has been a testimony to bickering and squabbling accusations by the candidates against each others’ records and understating or missing the real news. The facts exposed about Sullivan’s State Department career or what is likely available about Begich’s emails or Miller’s government record or Treadwell’s state dealings are the result of information made available by whistle-blowers who are true world heroes, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. They expose the extent of corporate control and corruption of most world governments to continue on the fossil fuel path of destruction.

Which candidate is most loyal to oil is not what leadership and representation are about. Stop the war against the planet and the poor. Peace or perish! It’s not warming, it’s dying, and it’s decades past time when elected officials should represent people, not multinational corporations.

— William Bartee