Alaska militia link to editor's arrest?

Patti Epler

The firestorm over Sunday's arrest of Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger by private security guards working for Senate candidate Joe Miller continues. Now, the blogging community has trained its guns, so to speak, on Drop Zone Security and its owner, William Fulton.

This post on the popular Talking Points Memo site has the best summary of the current thread which goes like this: Is William Fulton a member of the Alaska Citizens Militia?

Links embedded in the piece take you to all sorts of postings on the militia's forum by someone named "DropZone Bill." Fulton confirms he is a regular poster but tells TPM he is not a member of the militia. However, posts would suggest he has close ties to the group, even offering to host a meeting in October at his Spenard military surplus store.

Another detailed investigation into Fulton's militia dabbling is circulating on a site called Palingates.