Charlie Sheen drops homophobic slur at bar opening


Charlie Sheen just can’t help himself.

The 47-year-old actor greeted guests at his new bar in Mexico with a homophobic slur, putting himself back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

"How we doing? ... Lying bunch of f**got a**holes, how we doing?" Sheen told the crowd at El Ganzo hotel in Cabo San Lucas, the Daily Mail reported.

The former star of “Two and a Half Men” was quick to apologize for the ugly remark.

“I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone. I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp,' Sheen told TMZ.

Sheen is a partner in the rooftop bar, whose opening was attended by a bunch of celebrities including Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Robert Huizenga from “The Biggest Loser.”