Denali National Park opens areas to snowmachiners

Craig MedredAlaska Dispatch

In Denali National Park and Preserve, all areas of the 1980 park additions north of the crest of the Alaska Range are now open to snowmachines and traditional outdoor activities, but riders are advised to use caution and watch for potential avalanche danger.

The National Park Service service warns that although "overall riding conditions are variable," riders should be aware of potentially dangerous areas and terrain. There is an increased risk of avalanche activity due to recent snowfall and high winds "that have left wind crusts and layers in the snow pack" in some areas in the park. Riders are advised to "avoid steep slopes, narrow valleys, and ravines" and stay vigilant about changing weather conditions.

All areas of the 1980 park additions south of the crest of the Alaska Range remain closed due to insufficient snow cover. Recreationalists should note that all lands within the former Mount McKinley National Park, on both the north and the south sides of the crest of the Alaska Range, are currently closed to snowmachines use.

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