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Five Alaska State Troopers sue over union dues

Alaska Dispatch

Five Alaska State Troopers are suing several public personnel and one public entity over the manner in which union dues are collected, according to the Associated Press (via the Anchorage Daily News).

The five troopers are not union members, but still pay dues. In the federal lawsuit brought by the five, the plaintiffs claims that "employees who do not opt-out of the current system wind up paying full dues, including those that go toward political purposes," according to the AP. And "employees must opt out annually, and the process is skewed in favor of the union, not the worker."

The defendants in the federal case are the director of the state division of personnel and labor relations; the commissioners of the state departments of public safety and administration and the Public Safety Employees Association.

Little more is known about the case. A state Department of Law spokeswoman told the AP she'd yet to receive a copy of the complaint and was not able to comment. Read more.