Greta Van Susteren back in Alaska

Craig MedredAlaska Dispatch

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren again graces Alaska with her appearance. Here's what she says on her blog that was posted today:

"As you might have guessed, there are many changes in the Palin family since November 4....including a new member of the family Tripp. We just met Tripp....and interviewed several family members. We are now headed to the finish line of the Iron Dog race...."

Alas, she didn't greeting Palin as the victor this year. That honor goes to Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad who crossed the finish line at Pike's Landing in Fairbanks at 11:55 a.m. They beat Palin and his partner's 2007 record by a little under an hour.

Van Susteren has interviewed Palin numerous times, and has visited Palin's Wasilla home at least one other time since the election. During that visit, the governor made her moose meat chili, and caribou hotdogs stuffed with what looked like cheddar cheese. Then, Todd Palin gave her a ride on his snowmachine. She seemed completely smitten.

It'll be interesting if Fox got footage of Tripp, who was born December 28.  If so, it'll be his first big media appearance. There were rumors that People magazine was going to get the honors, but apparently those were just rumors.