Hatcher Pass draft management plan released

Alaska Beat

Apparently that old policy joke (Q: How can you tell a good public policy? A: It doesn't make anyone totally happy.) is on its way to reality in Hatcher Pass. According to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, the state has recently released a draft of its land management plan for the popular Valley recreation area, and various competing interests are combing through it to prepare comments for the Department of Natural Resources. Comments on the proposed management plan are due Dec. 28 by 5 p.m. The early word on the plan seems to be that it's largely a fair plan, but some non-motorized users aren't happy about the new areas opened to motorized users and say they're still not sure the state can enforce the plan. Motorized users say it's a good start, but that it still needs work, mainly on creating an access corridor from the east side to the west side. Read much, much more, and find out how to comment on the draft management plan, here.