NYC artist creates anti-drone hoodie, other counter surveillance clothes


Thinking about what to wear on your hot date tonight, but worried about being tracked by a drone?

We bring you the anti-drone hoodie.

According to Slate, this high-tech garment uses “metalised material designed to counter thermal imaging used by drones to spot people on the ground.”

This must-have for the fashionably paranoid person is part of a line of “stealth wear” designed by New York City-based artist Adam Harvey in collaboration with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield.

Not a fan of hoodies? Don't worry. You can still evade those pesky drones with the anti-drone scarf.

There is also a mobile phone pouch made from a special fabric which blocks tracking signals, and a shirt with an X-ray-deflecting patch over the wearer’s heart, the Daily Mail reported.

Harvey told Slate he hasn’t yet put a price tag on the high-tech garments and accessories, but they won’t be cheap.

The counter-surveillance fashion line is being exhibited at Primitive in London this month.