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Palin pre-release reviews

Palin's memoir hasn't even come out yet, and already the reviews are coming in. First, The New York Times has an informative review, here. It says that the book's most compelling parts focus on Palin's upbringing in an Alaska which many Alaska Beat readers might remember, but which may seem very far away right now. The Times review notes that the book is "part cagey spin, part earnest autobiography, part payback hit job," and goes light on weighty policy matters. However, Palin does compare herself to Ronald Reagan and calls herself a "commonsense conservative" who is suspicious of large federal deficits. (Alaska Beat thinks connecting Reagan and smaller deficits is hilarious, but whatever.) The Times reviewer was also annoyed by Palin's gratuitous quotation of writers and philosophers -- people from from Plato to Pascal to Melville. In a much more sympathetic (almost perjured) review, The Wall Street Journal agrees that the best part of Palin's book is her account of her early life in Alaska, but holds extensive praise for her smack-down of the McCain campaign staff, who "muzzled her and mismanaged her family." The reviewer notes, "If anything, she is too gentle on the staffers who kept her out of the loop and under wraps. She is certainly too gentle on the man at the top of the ticket who let them get away with it." Read the WSJ review here. And finally, there's an obsequious review from Mediaite that Alaska Beat just can't resist posting. John Ziegler begins his review by detailing the major conflict of interest he has in regard to the book he's about to review, namely, that he is a zealous defender of Palin and has interviewed her at length for a film he made about the 2008 election. Immediately thereafter, Ziegler states his thesis:  "With that said, I was simply blown away by Going Rogue on almost every level. For many reasons, this is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime." Read it here and try to find Ziegler's reasons for yourself.