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Palins appear to have bought Arizona mansion

Alaska Dispatch

According to a Saturday report by the Arizona Republic, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin may have bought a secluded mansion north of Scottsdale, Ariz., for $1.695 million. We say "may have," because no one associated with Palin has commented, and of course neither have any of the Palins themselves. Nor is any confirmation expected.

In recent weeks, unnamed Republican sources have said that the former governor is mulling a move to Arizona to base a 2012 election campaign, either for U.S. Senate or the presidency.

The property the Republic thinks "might fit the bill" to satisfy the Palin-move rumors -- an 7,972-square foot stucco mansion on walled and gated grounds -- was bought with cash by "Safari Investments LLC," a company incorporated in Delaware (a state that doesn't require disclosure of names associated with LLC's) one day before the transaction closed. Alaskans may recall that the Palins shared property near Safari Lake in Alaska with family friends, and that Sarah once said it's her favorite spot to get away from it all.

There is even more suggestive evidence, however. Phoenix's NBC affiliate, KPNX-TV, sent a television crew to the home. An unidentified man emerged from the house and told them to leave, but earlier, they observed him driving a vehicle with Alaska license plates. Watch the footage, below.

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