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Rain: An ugly four-letter word in Anchorage weather forecast

Craig Medred
Aaron Jansen illustration

Not only are the people crazy in Alaska, but the weather is, too. Last week, the temperature in Anchorage, swung 60 degrees -- from 40 (above) to 20 below zero. The thermometer stayed in the ice box through the weekend, but guess what?

The National Weather Service is predicting the schizophrenic winter of 2012-13 is about to yoyo again. Despite Monday daytime temperatures as cold as 24 degrees below zero at the ice-encased, near-snowless and thus empty Alpenglow at Arctic Valley Ski Area above Alaska's largest city, the federal agency is forecasting temperatures back into the high 30s by midweek thanks to a storm tracking north across the Gulf of Alaska from somewhere down near the tropics.

But wait, there's more:

"Wednesday... Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow and rain," the NWS says.

Yes, rain. The four-letter word that is really starting to irritate Southcentral Alaskans.

A four-letter word that makes a lot of people want to use another four-letter word.  

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