Tracey Pilch

First things first, I’m a painter. So my take on the Anchorage Museum’s "Van Gogh Alive" exhibition is biased. I grew up with brushes and canvases. The pungent smell of oils clung to the old wood in my studio as a kid. And as a kid, seeing Vincent van Gogh’s work at the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York was sheer joy for me. Something akin to ecstasy. And while nothing compares to experiencing originals, it’s always exciting to see a show of delicious reflection -- which is precisely why this one’s a success. It captivates. It inspires. It celebrates and embraces art. It makes you fall in love a little. And it uniquely brings van Gogh’s work into the modern context, into a world of technological distraction and overconsumption, where impact is all around us. Presented by...Tracey Pilch