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When Alaska State Troopers Gabriel "Gabe" Rich and Sgt. Patrick "Scott" Johnson died in the line of duty on May 1, they joined the ranks of troopers who have given their lives in service of the state of Alaska. In all, 16 Alaska State Troopers and wildlife enforcement officers have died in the line of duty, some in accidents, some during rescues, and some at the hands of criminals.

Officers Leroy Garvin Bohuslov and Gary George Wohlfeil

March 5, 1964...

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“There is nothing that gets America excited like the roaring engines and screeching tires of a stock car race,” Sarah Palin says in the opening of this week’s episode of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” and I beg to differ; clearly she has never raced for doorbusters on Black Friday.

There’s nothing that gets me excited like a new episode of “Amazing America,” though (I especially look forward to my weekly date with Joey Fatone’s hair replacement commercial, which generally airs during the first break), so I’ll let it slide...

Maia Nolan-Partnow

The theme of this week’s episode of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”: Freedom isn’t free.

It’s appropriate that the episode is all about having to do battle in defense of what really matters, because right now at my house, with NBA playoffs going on, every night is a skirmish over control of the television. Unless the Heat are playing. I do love LeBron...

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The most amazing thing about this week’s first episode of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”? Sarah Palin’s amazing hair. Our Sarah’s hair has been sort of hit-or-miss over the years, but this bouffant is a home run. If anyone knows about a YouTube tutorial for this hairstyle, hit me up with a link. You know what they say: The higher the hair, the closer to God.

Onward, then, to the first outing of the week, and to Brewster, Mass., where we meet a new field host, Benny Spies, and a new guest, Barry Clifford, whom Sarah describes as “an ocean explorer who uses his American spirit to take on the hard work of unearthing and preserving actual pirates’ treasure.” Which gives her a chance to make this amazing pirate joke:

“Arrr ya ready for adventure?”


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Truth time, friends: I’m a little disappointed in this week’s episodes of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”

What’s my problem, you ask? Well, to be honest, I was hoping for more Sarah Palin. Her name is literally right there in the name of the show. But after last week’s amazing (American!) dog mushing adventure, this week Our Sarah isn’t given much to do besides intros, outros and the occasional straight-to-camera aside.

“Truly,” Sarah says at the beginning of this week’s first episode, “if you can dream it, you can be it.” Memo to The Sportsman Channel: I can dream of seeing more Sarah Palin on “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.” Next week I hope I can be seeing it...

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Attention, America: You. Are. Amazing.

More importantly: Sarah Palin has finally found her calling.

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” which premiered Thursday, is mostly amazing in that it has created the perfect job for America’s most controversial beauty-queen-turned-sportscaster-turned-politician-turned-pundit-turned-reality-television-star. No joke, between this new show and her appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week, she should be a contender to replace Letterman...

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Marcelle Fressineau was the last musher to cruise up Nome's Front Street and under the burled arch Saturday night at 7:42 p.m., bringing the tumultuous 42nd Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race to a close...

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Organizers of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race are considering the possibility that the race's official restart, ordinarily held in Willow, may need to move north.

Currently, there are no plans to move the restart, scheduled for Sunday, March 2 beginning at 2 p.m., but depending on how conditions look over the next week or so, that may change.

"We do have trail concerns, particularly from the top of Rainy Pass to Nikolai," Diane Johnson wrote in a planning update on the race's website . If trail conditions are "not deemed acceptable" by Feb. 17, the Iditarod Trail Committee may opt to move the restart to the Interior city of Fairbanks, to be held on Monday, March 3 at a time to be determined...

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Ryan Stassel, an Anchorage snowboarder, failed to secure a spot on the first-ever snowboard slopestyle U.S. Olympic team on Saturday -- but the Winter Games aren't off the table just yet. Stassel could still be named to the team as a discretionary selection after performing well in qualifiers this week at Mammoth Mountain, Calif...

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