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Here are 25 (okay, 26) valuable lessons to be had from the DIY invitations portion of your wedding-planning experience. Follow these easy steps and you may only have to pause to cry two times!

1. Start making your guest list a year before the wedding. More than a year. That way you and your five collective parents will have plenty of time to remember to add more people, and you'll have extra months to feel guilty about not inviting everyone you'd like to invite...

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Mountain View's MTS Gallery had its final Third Friday opening on April 15, 2011. The event included a silent auction to benefit the Wrangell Mountains Center and a live auction of artworks painted on the wall. MTS Gallery will close in May.

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Note: You might expect I'd be recapping the royal wedding this week. But the royal wedding, which I watched while surrounded with piles and piles of my own unaddressed wedding invitation envelopes, gave me a little bit of a nervous breakdown, so I'm not quite ready to talk about it just yet, except to say this: I am now thinking of adding lace sleeves to my gown, and really, Posh Spice? Really? I know you're pregnant, but that is no excuse to wear a ponytail to the royal wedding. Honestly...

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The artists are leaving the building.

Next month, MTS Gallery, Mountain View's funky, offbeat arts venue, will close up shop. Since its opening event, a massive 2005 event called "The Artists Have Landed," the gallery has been the brick-and-mortar presence of Trailer Art Center, a nonprofit corporation that started out, according to board member and gallery director Bruce Farnsworth , as "a loose affiliation of local artists" with the goal of establishing an arts presence in Mountain View.

While MTS has been the tangible evidence of Trailer Art Center's work, it was never intended to be the end product...

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Maia: So, Ben, this installment of This Weekend is a little bittersweet. This is my last week as features editor at Alaska Dispatch. It's kind of appropriate, then, that this weekend is also Easter, the celebration of new life and new beginnings...

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I'm a DIY kind of girl when it comes to beauty. Hair trimming, manicures, eyebrows -- I generally handle that stuff myself at home. It's less expensive than having someone else do it, I can do it on my own schedule while I watch old episodes of "America's Next Top Model," and if there's something I don't know how to do, there's always a how-to video on YouTube...

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Ben: Maybe you can help me out with some variety this week, Maia -- I've been steeped in local music for the last two weeks and can't seem to get out. So there's stuff to do, but I'm thinking in terms of gigs, shows, and concerts right now. I don't feel like we talk enough about the hard rock scene here in Anchorage, so to remedy that, I'll mention first that Koot's is hosting national metal act August Burns Red on Thursday night for a 21 and over show, and they have a follow-up, all-ages gig the next night at Club Millennium....

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Anchorage dance aficionados have something to look forward to this weekend as Alaska Dance Theatre , in partnership with Oregon's Eugene Ballet Company , presents "Intersections," an evening of dances never before seen in Alaska.

"The idea of 'Intersections' has been going on for a few years now," ADT executive director Codie Costello said in a phone interview before rehearsal Wednesday. "It's really ADT's way of collaborating with artists from the Lower 48 and from around the world."...

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Remember when Kate Gosselin went camping with Sarah Palin ?

Yeah. It was awful.

Good news, though: I was watching "Kate + 8" recently, and on a trip to Australia, Kate confronted her camping demons by spending the night in a tent. For real. (There's no actual proof of this in the video clip below, but you can at least see footage of the Gosselin kids gathering foliage to learn how to build an outback shelter. The tent they ultimately slept in, however, appeared to be made out of nylon, not leaves.)


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Sen. Johnny Ellis took to the Senate floor last week to promote S.B. 23, which would extend Alaska's film industry tax credits another 10 years:

In the floor speech, Ellis championed Alaska's potential as a film production destination and trumpeted the business he says existing tax credits have already brought to the state.

"I don't know if 'stampede' would be the correct term, but things are cooking out there like we never imagined," Ellis told colleagues. "Cable television has fallen in love with Alaska."...

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