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Craig Medred

Battered, bruised, bloody and beaten, at least temporarily, Dr. Gerhard Hafele sat on a rock along a raging creek high in the Alaska Range far from his Austrian home -- far from anything or anyone -- and wondered for a moment if he would ever see his wife and children again.

Minutes earlier, because of a rope too short to control his boat, the middle-aged physician had settled on a near deadly decision to slip into his 14-foot kayak to run a creek raging out of 3,300-foot Shellabarger Pass near the head of West Fork Yentna River...

Craig Medred

One thing Alaskans will know by the time votes from the Aug. 19 election are fully counted is this: Most people were OK with SB 21.

How will we know this? Because whether Ballot Initiative 1 passes or fails, most people won't vote for repeal. Most people simply won't vote.

Former state Rep. Mike Doogan of Anchorage crunched the numbers from past primaries and discovered primary turnouts seldom draw more than 35 percent of registered voters, if that...

Craig Medred

News coverage from nearly two decades ago offers what appears to be the most logical explanation for a partial human jawbone reported found near Seward this week. The discovery had sparked speculation about 65-year-old Michael LeMaitre of Anchorage, who went missing during the July 4, 2012, Mount Marathon Race ...

Craig Medred

The discovery of human remains near Seward has sparked speculation that the body of Michael LeMaitre, possibly the state's most famous missing person, has been found, but that appears unlikely.

A member of the LeMaitre family said Alaska State Troopers told him it did not appear the partial human jawbone found in the mountains above Tonsina Point south of the city belongs to the 65-year-old who disappeared during the Mount Marathon Race on July 4, 2012...

Craig Medred

The inevitable has happened in the 32-year-old Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic , and 44-year-old Rob Kehrer is dead.

A 10-year veteran of what some consider the toughest wilderness challenge in the world, Kehrer died in the Tana River of Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve on Saturday after apparently launching his packraft a little too soon at the end of the lower river canyon...

Craig Medred

A federal court judge has questioned whether the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is doing enough to protect salmon and halibut from trawlers whose massive nets strip mine the ocean off the Gulf of Alaska coast.

District Court Judge H. Russel Holland's opinion comes in the wake of a decision by the agency that led to a significant cut in the number of independent observers tracking salmon and halibut bycatch on Gulf trawlers. NOAA, which oversees the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council , two years ago went along with a North Pacific council plan that ended up halving the number of people monitoring the trawl fisheries...

Craig Medred

In terms of cool, it's hard to beat sitting on the roof of your garage with a pair of binoculars watching a grizzly bear sow trying to feed on berries while worrying about three rambunctious cubs.

This is how I spent my Sunday evening. What were you doing, America?

In terms of heart stopping, few things beat fleeing from a grizzly bear sow with three cubs. That's what I did on Wednesday. Yes, all Alaskans know the adage: Never Run From Bear! That is good advice, but all bear encounters are situational. Good advice in one situation may not be the best advice in another...

Craig Medred

As a wrongful death suit against the Seward Chamber of Commerce Conference & Visitors Bureau moves toward an October trial in Anchorage Superior Court, previously undisclosed details have emerged describing the horror Peggy LeMaitre endured the day her husband, Michael, disappeared forever somewhere on Mount Marathon.

The 65-year-old Anchorage man went lost on Independence Day 2012 during Seward’s Mount Marathon race, one of Alaska's biggest sporting events. Peggy has since sued the organization that runs the race, seeking undisclosed damages...

Craig Medred

When an Anchorage company that rents motor homes came under attack from the Better Business Bureau, it charged harassment . Now B&B RV Rental LLC clients from Nome to Wasilla to Falls Creek, Ore., are popping up to say some harassment might be a good thing.

Ardyth Potter from Nome said she's been trying for a year to get back the $1,298 deposit she paid on a motor home that turned out to be unavailable at AKMotorhomes, a B&B RV Rental entity. The company, she said, politely offered to "refund the money, not a problem."

Potter was later mailed a check. It was no good. She emailed the company to report that...

Craig Medred

Imagine this: Alaska was the only state in the nation where gross domestic product -- the measure of economic success -- fell last year. Another chunk of our economy appears to have been put on a barge and shipped south to Seattle.

It might not be so bad if not for the indications that even more creative talent shipped out with it. After a few days of being called all sorts of lame names on Facebook, I'm worried about this state.

It appears even creative name-calling is dead in the north.

Please somebody bring back to life state Sen. Bill Ray, D-Juneau, circa 1978: "What do you know? You're just some doofus paddlin' down the Yukon. You can't even find the Capitol and you live here."...

Craig Medred