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Craig Medred

Imagine this: Alaska was the only state in the nation where gross domestic product -- the measure of economic success -- fell last year. Another chunk of our economy appears to have been put on a barge and shipped south to Seattle.

It might not be so bad if not for the indications that even more creative talent shipped out with it. After a few days of being called all sorts of lame names on Facebook, I'm worried about this state.

It appears even creative name-calling is dead in the north.

Please somebody bring back to life state Sen. Bill Ray, D-Juneau, circa 1978: "What do you know? You're just some doofus paddlin' down the Yukon. You can't even find the Capitol and you live here."...

Craig Medred

KENAI RIVER -- Dipnetter Doug O'Harra smiled ear to ear, despite a face splattered in mud and blood. That’s when the idea hit:

Ban the Color Run from Alaska. Ban it.

Come summer, real Alaskans are about blood and mud, or mud and blood -- not about prissy colored cornstarch.

The Alaska Boys and Girls Club should be embarrassed about hooking up with a multicolored scam. (Fundraiser or not, with income big or pitifully small as appears to be the case.)...

Craig Medred

Thirty years ago in Anchorage, a baker by the name of Robert Hansen was found guilty of murdering 17 young women over the course of more than a decade through the 1970s into the 1980s. He probably killed quite a few more. In his sick mind, he thought it was fun.

Now some people think Baker's deadly killing spree something to joke about. Here's radio commentator Shannyn Moore writing in a column in Alaska Dispatch News : "Maybe serial killer Robert Hansen could chair the Choose Respect Campaign. He knows a thing or two about women and violence. With this governor, don’t bet against it."...

Craig Medred

Alaska adventurer Cody Roman Dial, feared missing in Costa Rica's rugged Corcovado National Park, was apparently seen in a hostel in that country six days ago.

The news comes from his father, Alaska Pacific University Professor Roman Dial, who is now in the Latin American country searching for his son.

Peggy Dial, Cody's mom, was too distraught to talk on Sunday, but indicated it should now be reported that Cody is no longer missing. In a Saturday post on Roman's Facebook page, she reported, "Good News! Cody Roman was seen on the 21st and Roman is following confusing leads! Getting closer to our boy!"...

Craig Medred

The bad news everyone had been waiting for on the Kenai River came late Thursday.

Sport fishing for late-run Kenai king salmon is being shut down in the river, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the consequences will ripple out into Cook Inlet to force closure of some commercial fisheries as well...

Craig Medred

A search is reportedly underway in the wilds of Costa Rica for the son of a well-known Alaska adventurer who’s been missing almost two weeks.

The Tico Times, an English-language online newspaper based in San José, Costa Rica, on Thursday reported that Cody Roman Dial -- known to many in Alaska as Roman Jr. or R2 -- is lost somewhere in the 164-square-mile Corcovado National Park on the southwest coast of the Central American nation...

Craig Medred

The bears of Anchorage are not our friends. Neither are they our enemies. They are more like sometimes entertaining, sometimes difficult neighbors.

One of the bears was shot and killed in the U-Med District last week. That she died -- and sadly, it was a sow with two cubs -- brought predictable reactions.

"How is is that we live in Alaska and Fish and Game can't find a place to relocate the entire family?'' asked Josiah Jones in the comments of the Alaska Dispatch News story on the shooting ...

Craig Medred

Alaska big-game guide Joe Hendricks lived the life of legends....

Craig Medred,Tara Young

Alaska big-game guide Joe Hendricks lived the life of legends. For four decades, he roamed the wilds of the 49th state like some sort of northern, real-life version of Robert Wilson, the professional hunter in one of Ernest Hemingway's most famous short stories -- "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber."

Hendricks' game was big bears and Dall sheep, not the lions and buffalo of Wilson, but his life was much the same. Over the years, he estimates, his clients killed more than 100 grizzly bears, often known in Alaska simply as brown bears, and more than 300 sheep...

Craig Medred

An Alaska Army National Guard sergeant from Valdez is recovering from his injuries after an encounter with a sow grizzly bear and her cubs on the outskirts of Anchorage...

Craig Medred