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Scott McMurren

It’s not like Delta Air Lines to play the underdog. As a global network carrier, Delta has hubs in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Tokyo. Through its affiliations with KLM and Air France, they have hubs in Amsterdam and Paris. Through its ownership in Virgin Atlantic, Delta also enjoys hub status at London’s Heathrow Airport, Europe’s mostpopular port of entry...

Scott McMurren

My friends who track airfares and schedules assure me that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas features some of the best fares of the year. It’s a relatively slow time of year for travel, buoyed in part by mileage-runners who are topping off their frequent flyer accounts to get their “elite” status for the following year. Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out specials:

Anchorage-Los Angeles for as little as $319 round-trip on Alaska Airlines : Take the nonstop from Anchorage on Dec. 6 or 7, returning on select dates through Dec. 14. If you cannot take advantage of that, Delta offers a $375 round-trip fare between Anchorage and LA from early January through April 26...

Scott McMurren

Just as there are many types of travelers, there now are many types of airfares. Sometimes, the best rates are available to those who plan far ahead. Other times, it is those impulsive travelers who pick up the best deals. Usually, it’s a mix of both.

Today, there are several deals available with little or no advance purchase using the Alaska Airlines / Emirates connection through Seattle...

Scott McMurren

Traveling around Alaska is exciting. Whether you’re flying to a remote beach, climbing up a mountain for that million-dollar view or fighting hard to reel in that big fish, all of the excitement helps fuel a hearty appetite.

Throughout the state, you’ll find a variety of establishments where you can stop in, sit down and grab a bite to eat. Some provide fuel for the journey, while others are worth writing home about. Everyone has their favorite pizza joints, breakfast bars and coffee stands. I’ve organized some of mine together by community...

Scott McMurren

This week, Anchorage hosts its largest convention of the year for the Alaska Federation of Natives . After all, Anchorage is home to more Alaska Natives than any other community in the state.

There's a growing interest in “cultural tourism” around the world -- and that includes learning more about the history and lifestyle of Alaska’s native people. At this year’s AFN conference, Camille Ferguson of the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) , will host a cultural tourism educational meeting. “We want to educate Alaska Natives on the economic opportunities cultural tourism can present,” she said...

Scott McMurren

Would you like to fly from Anchorage to Houston for $334 roundtrip? How about Anchorage to Salt Lake City for $326 roundtrip?

USAirways , a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines , is cutting the price for travel to United ’s hub in Houston and Delta ’s hub in Salt Lake City. There is a two-week advance purchase required. The rates are valid in November and December (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas). Travelers will also find these rates available through April, 2015.


Because both Delta and United are undercutting USAirways on flights into its major hub in Phoenix...

Scott McMurren

Here in Anchorage, we enjoy great air service, particularly in the summer. In recent years, we’ve seen more options for travel over the top to Europe and to gateways in the eastern U.S.

Most of the long-haul nonstops are gone for the winter, including Anchorage-Frankfurt, Anchorage-Reykjavik, Anchorage-Atlanta and nonstops to Newark, Houston and Dallas.

But let’s take a close look at the nonstop options available during the winter -- and the prevailing rates...

Scott McMurren
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There’s nothing like a fresh coat of snow to remind you that winter comes earlier in Fairbanks. It’s not exactly a surprise, although there is still a learning curve in terms of stopping and going on icy streets...

Scott McMurren

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of snow to remind you that winter comes earlier in Fairbanks. It’s not exactly a surprise, although there is still a learning curve in terms of stopping and going on icy streets.

But Fairbanksans behave a bit differently in the winter weather. In fact, they’ve started inviting guests from around the world to see the sights of Alaska’s far north: the ice, the snow and the northern lights.

This week, Fairbanks hosted the annual convention for the Alaska Travel Industry Association . Aside from being an end-of-season get-together, the convention offers a glimpse into what’s new for travelers who want to see more of the area...

Scott McMurren

It’s as predictable as the Permanent Fund dividend itself: the rush of PFD airfare deals presented each year to coincide with the annual cash dump into Alaskans’ bank accounts.

Alaska Airlines is leading the charge with a volley of deals from Alaska cities to the Lower 48. Destinations in Hawaii and Mexico are not included in the PFD sale.

Anchorage travelers benefit from a robust competitive market, so it’s not unusual to have airfare sales all the time. But in far-flung destinations like Nome, Bethel, Kodiak and Ketchikan , the PFD bargains are the best deals of the year...

Scott McMurren