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Scott McMurren

Anchorage travelers are spoiled. That’s right. Spoiled rotten.

More than any other community in the Great Land, Anchorage enjoys unfettered access to nonstop flights and robust competition.

Aside from the occasional Alaska Airlines sale (including the weekly Club 49 offers), other Alaska communities miss out on the best deals.

All of that is changing, in large part because of Delta ’s new service to Juneau and Fairbanks from Seattle. In fact, Juneau and Fairbanks have some of the best available fares. Delta resumed seasonal service between Anchorage and Seattle last summer. This year, they’re offering three flights per day. Let’s review:...

Scott McMurren

Everybody has spring fever in Alaska, including the airlines that fly north from the Lower 48. As the days get longer, airlines like JetBlue , American , Frontier , Air Canada, Sun Country , Condor and Icelandair bring travelers from around the world to the Great Land...

Scott McMurren

The world of Alaska adventure opens up when you move beyond "road trips” and commit to a visit by air or by sea. Most of the state is accessible only by plane or ferry -- and there’s a lot of state to see...

Scott McMurren

For many Alaskans, the world of travel will change dramatically in May. Not only will airfares from Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks drop dramatically later this month, but Alaska Airlines also is dropping some in-state air fares.

According to Marilyn Romano, Alaska Air’s regional vice president, the lower air fares are not “sale” fares. Rather, they represent the “everyday low price” the airline will offer going forward.

“When we brought the Q400 (turboprop) aircraft to Alaska this spring, we said we were going to lower fares. These are some examples of those lower fares,” she said...

Scott McMurren

Who’s ready for some bargain airfares? This time of year, deals crop up quickly. But there are several twists that means more Alaskans will get the cheap rates across the 49th state.

For the last few years, Anchorage travelers have been spoiled with great rates, particularly between Anchorage and southern California. This is because of JetBlue ’s seasonal service between Anchorage and both Seattle and Long Beach...

Scott McMurren

As promised, there is another crop of early-season discounts in full bloom.

With the sun ablaze and temperatures rising, I cannot think of a single reason not to plan a getaway in April or May. Check out some of the best deals:

1) Princess’s rail/lodging combo packages. Choose from several early-season deals, starting May 14. There are one-night packages to the McKinley Princess Lodge near Talkeetna and to the Denali Princess Lodge, as well as packages that include one night at each lodge. But I prefer the three-day/two-night options at one lodge the best...

Scott McMurren

Here's a mini-roundup of some great air fares. Some are available for just a few days in May -- but it's worth it to stop and check your calendar.

Here are some of my favorites:...

Scott McMurren

As the days get longer, Alaskans are busy preparing for summer.

But before the flowers are in full bloom, there are also a couple of glorious months before the kids get out of school. The pre-season and early-season deals are rolling out around the state. Here is the first of several reports on good deals for trips right in our own backyard:...

Scott McMurren

Airlines add and drop routes all the time. That’s particularly true here in Alaska, since many more people flock to the Great Land in the summertime.

This seasonal imbalance also explains why some of the best airfare deals are during the peak summer months. That’s a little counterintuitive, until you understand that airlines have two important functions: to maximize the yield on any given flight, while fighting off any competitive service which might diminish that yield. It’s the “fighting off any competitive service” that often yields some great deals. That’s why travelers almost always win when airlines are mad at each other...

Scott McMurren

The air fare scene for Anchorage travelers is improving as carriers ramp up for summer flights. Plus, there’s a nice event next Saturday to kick-start your in-state travel plans.

If you want to travel during April, you can pick from several popular destinations:

• Anchorage-Philadelphia for $378 round trip on United . This is a great deal -- and represents the least-expensive East Coast destination from Anchorage. In fact, it’s less than a ticket to Seattle (even on United!).

• Anchorage-Portland for $380 round trip, nonstop on Alaska Airlines . Can't beat nonstops...

Scott McMurren