Shannyn Moore

I can’t stop thinking about an article I read this week. It’s coloring so much of what I’m thinking about. The U.S. military -- specifically the Air Force, Navy and Marines -- has spent $400 billion on an airplane that doesn’t work. The plane is so unstealthy that 1950s-era radar can detect it. For nine of the last 13 years, the aircraft have been grounded by “takeoff issues.” What issues? Oh, catching on fire . (Although, let’s admit, catching fire before takeoff seems preferable to catching fire after.) There are software issues that won't allow the fighter to fire its weapons until 2019. During a simulated war scenario, the F-35 was found to be “double-inferior” because it “ can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run .” After spending $400 billion on this craptastic runway ornament, the cost...Shannyn Moore
To the disappointment of conspiracy nuts across the U.S. of A, President Barack Obama confirmed this week he won’t run for a third term. Even if he could, he said, his wife wouldn’t let him. And besides, why would he want to get treated like the substitute teacher for another four years? Oh, that’s right. The only people crazier than armed bird refuge squatters are those contending for the GOP nomination for president. I wonder what any one of the GOP candidates thinks about Alaska? Drill? Um, we tried that. The oil companies are going to keep our oil in the ground -- like their personal ATMs -- at least until a barrel of oil costs more than a single king salmon. Then there’s the other contest -- the one for the Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and...Shannyn Moore
This week I am tempted to write about the absurdity presented by our (sadly) most famous Alaskan. However, I’m going to let that fly past and spit the hook to focus on state policies, since for the most part that is what affects us most. The legislative session has begun and Gov. Walker has given his state of the state address. Bills have been filed and we’re off to the races. Sen. Pete Kelly, a Republican from Fairbanks, has a cranky about the media in Alaska. Frankly, I share some of his concerns. The television media positions are too often an audition to work for politicians or oil companies. I don’t think that’s Mr. Kelly’s beef. Sir, your party is lucky that there isn’t a big enough media circus to cover how your policies have historically and currently hurt Alaska. I’m not a “...Shannyn Moore
Yes, friends, the days are getting longer. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, the extra daylight won’t prevent the dark shadow of another legislative session from falling upon the land. Prefiled bills are starting to pop into view. Sen. Peter Micciche, one of two state senators who represent ConocoPhillips in the Legislature, felt the need to scratch his ayatollah itch. He’s all over the pressing state issue of "marriage solemnization." Yes, my dears, Micciche is riding to the rescue of every Alaskan who might be asked to perform a gay wedding against his or her will. Because most people, when planning their weddings, immediately start looking for a self-righteous bigot to preside over the ceremony. For those of you who have wondered how stupid, irrelevant laws end up on the books, I...Shannyn Moore
In the wide world of problems, there are a few topics I find a waste of time to discuss. Oh, not for everyone. People with higher pay grades should be discussing them, but the majority of us aren’t going to fix issues halfway around the world. There are issues right here at home that seem impossible to discuss rationally. This week has proven that with the executive order on gun control issued by President Barack Obama. This issue is probably the most difficult for me to talk about because I’m really middle of the road. I get run over by people on both sides. I grew up looking at guns in my home the same way as I saw the chain saw: tools. When operated properly the wood pile was stacked high and the freezer was full of future pot roasts and stews. We were taught weapon safety and there...Shannyn Moore
Social media is full of hopeful projections for the next year with a mixture of complaints that the gym is too busy. That happens for about a month, then it goes back to normal and the people who don’t know gym etiquette will be gone until next year. I wonder why people don’t make resolutions to do things they know they can do. I’ll admit it, I put things on my to-do list that I’ve already done in order to have something to mark completed. It feels like a jump-start. “I resolve to drink better wine,” or “I am committed to taking more naps and taking an extra five minutes in the shower” don’t seem to be on too many goal lists. Maybe it’s the underachiever in me, but I’d like to make things easier for folks -- including our Legislature. They are going back into session this month and I have...Shannyn Moore
Editor's note: This Christmas season column by Shannyn Moore is one that readers have requested to be republished. It was first published in 2011. It's difficult for me to walk through the greeting card section this time of year. It makes me miss my grandmother. She counted the cards she received for both her birthday on Dec. 24 and Christmas. I liked to get her ones with glitter and pansies. She died eight years ago, just shy of her 100th birthday. I grew up thousands of miles from her, so cards were how we connected, no matter the season. This year was no different. I still peruse the "grandmother" section as a way to remember. I'd found the perfect one for her: purple pansies with sparkles. I whispered, "I miss you," and put it back on the shelf. I noticed another woman struggling to...Shannyn Moore
There’s an old saying in life and politics: “You dance with the one who brought you.” The more I look at Gov. Bill Walker’s state budget plans, the more I think he’s trying to ditch his dance partners. Walker, you may recall, was elected by a core of Democratic, Native and working-class voters. He did so over the strenuous efforts of the professional Republicans and corporate genuflectors at the Chamber of Commerce and their followers. For reasons I can’t fathom, the governor seems to have decided now is the time to kowtow to the rich and powerful at the expense of the people who elected him. I know most of us are too busy checking our lists -- and checking them twice -- to spend much time studying state finances, but let’s consider Walker’s budget for just a minute. He’s proposing to...Shannyn Moore
I get accused of just singing to the choir, but that isn’t how my real life rolls. The way we learn, take in information and engage has become really limited. It’s ironic, with all the magical rabbit holes on the Internet, most people form habits to just go to sites they agree with. It used to be, you’d open the paper and there were all sorts of stories and opinions, a broader exposure. One of my dearest friends, someone I admire for so many qualities, is a Donald Trump supporter. I know. Talk about some opposite exposure. As you can imagine, I’m not a fan of Mr. Trump. I’m trying to figure out what the draw is. Why is a man so careless with the truth, brash and egomaniacal leading the primary pack for the Republican party? I mean, there’s the obvious point to be made about the other...Shannyn Moore
“Prayer shaming.” It’s a new term invented by self appointed victims of absolutely nothing but their own pomposity. So, a bunch of people got shot? And? Well, we’ll be real upset until the next bunch of people get shot, which may only be a few hours or days. The Twitter feed fills up with lawmakers giving their “thoughts and prayers” and I roll my eyes. Without action, their thoughts and prayers are to make themselves feel better. It’s become a verbal tick to turn to in times of tragedy. As Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut put it: “Your 'thoughts' should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. Your 'prayers' should be for forgiveness if you do nothing -- again.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say America has a problem with guns. I know. This is really sort of speculative on...Shannyn Moore