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Shannyn Moore

I remember sitting inside during recess in fourth grade. Mrs. Henwood, my favorite teacher ever, was tough as nails. Her sparkly glasses and no-nonsense teaching made me adore and fear her at the same time. My times-tables were giving me fits. "You don't come to school for recess, Shannyn, you're here to get your work done."

I learned more than my times-tables from her. Buckle down, get it done, then you play. When I'd passed all my timed tests she gave me a bag of jelly beans. I don't like jelly beans, but it was still a fantastic prize.

Well, it's recess time for the Alaska Legislature. That's largely the result of a mass migration of lawmakers to Washington, D.C., for energy meetings, which has stalled all work in Juneau...

Shannyn Moore

Words and ink are precious. So are life's lessons. I try not to waste them.

I had all sorts of outrage this week. I know. You're shocked...

Shannyn Moore

Someone once said to me, "Shannyn, you expect people to be good and are constantly surprised. I expect people to be bad and am rarely shocked."

I'm not a cynic. Not yet, but I am getting outrage fatigue.

The crazy just keeps coming.

Sadly, there isn't just one source. Syria is a bloodbath. When it comes to helping Americans, Washington is completely constipated. A lot of our politicians remind me of dogs barking at their own reflections. The GOP presidential candidates seem determined to make Archie Bunker look like a moderate...

Shannyn Moore

When I've jumped the gun, I apologize for the bullet. So let me say I'm sorry.

Last May I was very critical of Rep. Carl Gatto of Palmer. Rep. Gatto proposed House Bill 88. It said our state courts couldn't apply a foreign law, Sharia law specifically, if it would violate an individual's constitutional rights.

As of May 2011, when Rep. Gatto introduced his bill, he couldn't actually name any examples of a foreign religion trying to trump the law of Alaska. Nevertheless, he was "concerned about cultures that are vastly different from European immigrants, who come here and prefer to maintain their specific laws from their previous countries."...

Shannyn Moore

Sometimes I have to boil things down. Bear with me on this one.

Al is my imaginary friend. For years, Al and his family have owned an apple orchard. Years ago Al hired three of the best apple-picking companies in the world to pick his apples.

Al and the Pickers bought a big truck to ship the apples to market. They told Al he would need to pay for the gas. Al asked, "How much will that cost?"

"We'll let you know," they said.

The next day, the Pickers talked it over. "Al's desperate to get his apples to market," one said. "He needs us. We can charge him whatever we want."

And so they did.

Al got mad and stomped his feet. "We had a deal!" he cried...

Shannyn Moore

When I was 33, Mom and Pop Moore were staying with me. Mom was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer. For those of you who have been around a loved one with cancer, I don't have to explain. For those of you who haven't, nothing can prepare you for it.

It is remarkably painful.

It was Monday morning. I felt a lump. I was lying on my back in bed. I still remember the spot on the ceiling I was staring at. I had a 7-year-old daughter. The reality of my mother's pain down the hall filled my eyes with tears.

I called Planned Parenthood. They understood the urgency through my panic and tears. "We'll fit you in tomorrow morning."

On Tuesday. Jo, my new doctor, found two lumps...

Shannyn Moore

Here's the problem with labels:

I posted two updates on Facebook. They seemed simple. One: My baby-blue beaver fur coat keeps me warm. It was on sale at Second Run and I love it. The other? That I'm furious with the pathetic state of our Board of Game and the dastardly policies of snaring bears, gassing wolf pups and shooting both bears and wolves from airplanes.

De-friended with explanations -- so seventh grade.

First de-friend: "I thought you were a liberal! You wear FUR? Shame on you. Blah. Blah. Blah."

Yes. I wear a fur coat. I bought it at a consignment shop on sale. It's cold here, and my coat keeps me warm, like putting a puppy on my chest...

Shannyn Moore

The war on science is winning. And I'm not talking about those who confuse weather and climate.

Nope. I'm frustrated with the continual election of candidates with a faith-based bias when it comes to policy that should rely on science. In a letter this week, Ed Fogels, deputy commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, informed his colleagues that the mission of the department had changed.

The new mission: "To responsibly develop Alaska's resources by making them available for maximum use and benefit consistent with the public interest."

There are a few issues with DNR's newfound mission. First, the mission they had wasn't broken...

Shannyn Moore

I don't know how many hours I've spent in church, but it's a lot. I guess it doesn't matter since they're not counted as frequent flier miles for admission into heaven. Some of my greatest life lessons were learned at the foot of a pulpit. Some I missed, and had to learn the hard way. One lesson was particularly memorable. It may have been the shock of delivery, but it stuck.

I'd always believed the commandment "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain" had something to do with cussing. The preacher corrected me. That commandment is about claiming that your work or words are perpetuated in the name of God when they aren't...

Shannyn Moore

Ever wonder what the world will look like when you're 95? It's hard, but I got a little help with it last week when Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason ruled that the producers on the North Slope have enough proven reserves to keep the Trans-Alaska Pipeline pumping until 2065.

I know, it's confusing. You probably heard Sen. Lisa Murkowski trying to stampede the Alaska Legislature into passing the governor's $2 billion Oil Bailout because if we don't Alyeska will have to shut down the pipeline for good. Gov. Sean Parnell has likewise been warning of impending doom...

Shannyn Moore