Shannyn Moore

Ever had a boss so hard to read you didn't know if you were going to be fired or promoted? Mixed messages on a daily basis? It's horrible. How are you supposed know what to do?

A relationship in which you don't know if you'll be hit or hugged is much worse. "Can't you just be a jerk all the time? It would make things so much easier."

It's the back and forth, the uncertainty that make these situations unbearable.

That's why I feel bad for the folks at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Oh, before you start calling me a bunny hugger, hear me out.

When nine Native tribes, a Native corporation and a multitude of fishing groups pleaded with the EPA to do a clean water assessment of the proposed Pebble mine, the EPA accepted. A study began...

Shannyn Moore

Before science, we humans came up with all sorts of ways to explain our surroundings. To the Greeks, an invisible god in the sky produced thunder and lightning. Virgins tossed into volcanoes could help prevent eruptions. Crazy people were possessed by literal demons and fossils were a trick by the devil.

But now that we've developed science, we can cheer for an Olympic runner with no legs, have our minds blown by landing Curiosity on Mars and mourn Neil Armstrong, the first man to set a foot on the moon...

Shannyn Moore

I'm getting really tired of the pile-on of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin. He isn't being treated fairly, and I think it should stop.

During an interview Mr. Akin answered a question regarding his views on abortion. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

The idea of ladies having a Venomous Venus Flytrap-like apparatus that slams shut when there's an unwanted intruder sounds awesome. It's not true. Last year 32,000 American women were impregnated after being raped. "Legitimately."...

Shannyn Moore

A few years ago, Sarah Palin was asked which founding father was her favorite. She answered, "You know, well, all of them."

My favorite founding father was William Woodford. He fought alongside his friend George Washington in the French-Indian War. Afterward, Woodford brokered a peace treaty between the Virginians and the Cherokee that was honored for over a decade.

Woodford was a general, and before the Revolution started he and Washington corresponded about the coming struggle. A letter lining out how to conduct troops was signed, "My compliments to Mrs. Woodford; and that every success may attend you, in this glorious struggle, is the sincere and ardent wish of, dear Sir, your affectionate humble servant, George Washington."...

Shannyn Moore

Well, the tenor and tempo of fear and loathing on the campaign trail is ramping up. I know it's going to get worse before it gets better because no one likes Mitt Romney. There's only so much fertilizer available but plenty of money to spread it around.

Romney has asked for a pledge to leave not only his family but his business and taxes out of the campaign discussion. OK, I get it with family, but if you secure your party's nomination by bragging about your business expertise, then your business is public business. Taxes? Every cabinet position filled by the president has to be confirmed by the Senate. Three years of tax returns are required. Why would a cabinet member have to undergo more scrutiny than the president?...

Shannyn Moore

Every town and burg has some form of post office. In small towns, it's often where folks see announcements for memorial services or spaghetti feed fundraisers. The flags are always flying, no matter how small the post office.

I remember one time the Homer post office had to call the Harris family because the horned toads their grandpa mailed them from Texas were loose. Boxes of baby chicks were a sign of spring. I remember the combination to our P.O. box in the 99556 office: 3-1-6. (I remembered it from Sunday school, John 3:16.) My grandmother sent us a letter once a week. "My dear children," every one began. We didn't have a phone. Our lifeline to loved ones and new school clothes was that little building with Miss Carol always remarking on how tall we were getting...

Shannyn Moore

You know how some things that are technically legal still smell funny? Well, there's something in the air right now.

This week, Sen. Lesil McGuire glowed as she introduced the newly formed "magical challenger slush fund" for Gov. Sean Parnell at the Petroleum Club. Her word-salad about being a backbone herself for the Republican Party, and the Senate bipartisan working group needing more GOP in it, was, well, Palinesque.

As someone who supports the "grown-ups" in Juneau, it was disappointing to see Sen. McGuire show up with her hand out to a governor whose oil tax policy she correctly called "half-baked" just a few months ago...

Shannyn Moore

In the mid-'90s, Alaska decided to house its convicts in a private prison in Arizona. Families of inmates weren't pitied by many when they protested the distance. The travel expense was burdensome, and some actually moved to be closer. A few years ago, the state found a cheaper private prison -- $6-a-day-per-inmate cheaper -- in Colorado. A few of the relocated families moved yet again...

Shannyn Moore

I'm never surprised by the unabashed glee with which those on the right shill for the rich and powerful, but the Republican support for the fuel price gougers here in Alaska has even me flabbergasted.

Alaska's gas prices are through the roof. Why? Oiligopoly. Two refiners control virtually 100 percent of the gasoline market -- with Tesoro controlling 80 percent and Flint Hills, owned by the Koch brothers, controlling 20 percent.

You know the Koch brothers: job creators extraordinaire. They've enjoyed a decade of low taxes, fired 13,000 workers since 2007 and seen their net worth skyrocket from $34 billion to $50 billion. Yeah, now you remember...

Shannyn Moore

An open letter to President Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

As a woman who worked very hard to make sure your last opponents were not elected -- walking door to door in the snow on your behalf, registering more than a thousand Alaskans to vote, exposing Palin in the national media, etc. -- I feel obligated to write you about a few of my concerns.

Your secretary of the interior, Ken Salazar, recently told reporters asking about Shell's drilling permits and Alaska's Arctic, "I believe there's not going to be an oil spill."

Sir, he just wrote the headline for the first oil spill under Arctic ice.

"I believe" is not good policy. I believe that unicorn fur is the most absorbent clean-up product...

Shannyn Moore