Shannyn Moore

Earlier this year I received a loose-leaf notebook bulging with documents that detailed the sexual assault coverups and corruption in the Alaska National Guard. I spent a few months compiling information and interviewing as many people as would talk, trying to understand the players and the broad outlines of a mind-blowing scandal with real victims.

People talked to me even though they were afraid. Terrified, actually. For years those who had spoken up against crime in the guard had had their careers destroyed. Nevertheless, a handful of brave souls tried to sound the alarm -- even going directly the governor to enlist his help. They got nothing but retaliation...

Shannyn Moore

This week I received an email from a Republican friend. (Yes, I have those.) She requested a different kind of column from me this week. “Instead of adding to all the ugly, negative political comments out there why not a column about the economic stimulus this election is having on Alaska with all the Outside money coming into the state.”

Really? Yeah! We have Outside money trying to get a guy elected who wants to get rid of Social Security! That’s the opposite of economic stimulus. So the short answer is No. I won’t be riding that unicorn this week. The longer answer is next...

Shannyn Moore

Poor Dan Sullivan, I think he was born with a pair of silver flip flops on. His Cleveland, Ohio, parents were caught last week by the Center for Public Integrity trying to funnel $300,000 to a super PAC supporting their son. The contribution was originally listed as coming from the Glenmede Trust Company -- a wealth management company that manages over $25 billion for rich folks...

Shannyn Moore

I was having dinner in New York City a few years ago with some media muckety-mucks. They asked me why I wouldn’t move to The City for work. “I’d be bored,” was my answer.

This was another interesting week in Alaska politics and proved sticking around Alaska has been worth the price of admission.

The legislative ethics adviser, Reggie Drummond, who just took his job a few months ago, mysteriously resigned. Perhaps someone took a look at his twitter feed, which included such poetic yarns as “Liberal = industrial sized stupid, put that one in your dictionary” and a retweet saying, “Fired union workers looking for sympathy will find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.”

He sounds really nice. And ethical...

Shannyn Moore

These past few weeks have been bad ones for the Pebble Partnership and its attorneys.

Here’s the statement issued last week by Pebble Limited Partnership, the Pebble Mines Corp. and Jermain, Dunnagan & Owens, their law firm, the defendants, and the Renewable Resources Coalition, the plaintiffs, in a long-running lawsuit...

Shannyn Moore

“This culture of mistrust and failed leadership in the Guard ends now,” Gov. Parnell said.

It’s about damn time. There are a few victims -- both of rape and retaliation -- who wonder why it didn’t end when the governor first learned of it almost five years ago.

November 2010, the governor was made aware of the culture of victimization by the Adjutant General Thomas Katkus of the Alaska National Guard. Military officers had risked their careers to tell the governor personally that female soldiers had been sexually assaulted by other Guard members and that those assaults were not only not investigated, they were covered up by senior officers...

Shannyn Moore

There’s a game most of us play. It’s called “What Could Go Wrong?” You know, like, "I’m going to hand my 9-year-old an automatic weapon -- What Could Go Wrong?" Or, "Why not go bare-headed and drive a motorcycle really fast? What Could Go Wrong?" Then there is the always present, "Why don’t we build a giant mine at the headwaters of the largest sockeye salmon fishing run in the entire world? What Could Go Wrong?"

Many Alaskans have asked this question regarding the Pebble mine over the last decade. When the state government seemed to answer “nothing could go wrong,” tribes, fishermen and many others invited the Environmental Protection Agency to study and report...

Shannyn Moore

Congratulations, Alaska! Thirty-one percent of registered voters decided for 100 percent of us what is “best for Alaska” in an election this week.

Last week I knew we were in trouble when employees of oil companies were bussed to the early polls. Buses with gift baskets and snacks. Must be nice. The election worker balked when I asked for a Republican ballot. I smiled. I voted.

Voting early on Tuesday, I drove into town and kept seeing signs made of bed sheets on the overpasses. One in particular got to me. It was the eight gold stars with “Vote Yes” in that perfect Alaska blue...

Shannyn Moore

I listened to a public radio story this week about Anchorage neighbors and their sign war. They are friends who trade snow plow work for boat storage space but can’t talk about the most important vote for Alaskans in my lifetime. Instead, they keep making their signs taller and bigger.

Another woman had her “Yes on One” sign burned in her yard and a “No” one put beside it. I have friends who are on their fifth sign because they keep disappearing.

That’s what millions of dollars have bought and brought to our state. Sign wars -- millions of dollars' worth of printed ammo for neighbors to spar with. We’ve lost revenue as an owner state and now also the ability to discuss a topic vital to our communities...

Shannyn Moore

We all know that guy. You know, the one who no matter what story is being told, he’s got one up on it. If you got a mosquito bite he punched a bear.

I’m watching the Republican primary for U.S. Senate closely and they all seem like that guy. Who can out-crazy whom?

Case in point this week was the questionnaire filled out by the candidates for an organization that raises money on hating gays and trying to control the reproductive choices of women. The group claims to work for Alaskan family values but doesn’t weigh in on minimum wage increases or food and housing security for those in need. Their only questions pertain to women’s rights and the “sanctity of marriage.” (Please note they don’t ask if the candidates would vote to make divorce illegal.)...

Shannyn Moore