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Laurel Andrews

An Anchorage man was charged Friday with a felony for supplying alcohol to minors following a fatal car crash in February that left a 17-year-old dead.

Police say it’s the first time an Anchorage adult has been charged with a felony for supplying alcohol to minors since the state statute was put in place in 2002.

Robert Lee Green III, 30, was charged Friday with two felony counts of furnishing alcohol to minors that resulted in injury or death, according to online court records...

Laurel Andrews

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said in a phone interview with Alaska Dispatch News on Tuesday that she plans to speak out against oil company-funded efforts to maintain the oil tax structure put in place in January.

“I don’t want Alaskans to be deceived,” she said.

Palin warned against oil companies’ multimillion-dollar attempt to maintain the oil tax structure created under Senate Bill 21, and “allowing crony capitalism to sneak back in our state and result in more Corrupt Bastards Club members.”...

Laurel Andrews

Two federal appeals courts came to opposite conclusions Tuesday regarding the government’s ability to subsidize health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, a key component of the federal health care law.

At stake is the cost of 4.6 million health care plans nationwide, including more than 11,000 plans in Alaska that qualify for federal subsidies through

However, the rulings will not affect any health insurance plans until the cases wind their way through the legal system, a process that can take years, said Susan Johnson, Region 10 director for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Nothing changes,” Johnson said. “Tax credits remain available.”...

Laurel Andrews

GoPro cameras beware: Come to Alaska and you might end up as a wild animal’s lunch...

Laurel Andrews

FAIRBANKS -- The Interior community of Fairbanks is known for its endless summer days, brutal winter temperatures, and . . . Thai food?

Fairbanks' Thai food phenomenon is well-known to locals. Thai restaurants continue to pop up and strike their claim in the community, sometimes just blocks from each other. Fairbanks is becoming known as the place to eat Thai, said Amy Geiger, director of communications at Explore Fairbanks Alaska.

“Anchorage definitely knows that,” Geiger said...

Laurel Andrews

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation on Wednesday issued an advisory for elevated bacteria levels that could harm humans at Southcentral’s popular salmon dipnetting site on the Kenai River.

Samples collected on July 9 and Sunday showed enterococci and fecal coliform bacteria at double the state standards for recreational water, Alaska DEC project manager Timothy Stevens said.

Stevens said the elevated levels were detected in samples from the south beach of the Kenai River, but that the DEC was advising people recreating on both the north and south beaches to take precautions in order to minimize the risk of illness...

Laurel Andrews

On Tuesday evening, a smattering of former and current Alaska politicians attended the first fundraising event for “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2” -- the group opposing the Nov. 4 ballot measure to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana -- bringing in about $12,000 for the anti-legalization campaign.

Roughly 50 people gathered for the fundraiser at the downtown Anchorage home of Deborah Williams, the deputy treasurer of the opposition group. The event came on the same day the Alaska Native Village CEO Association added its voice to the debate, deciding to oppose the ballot measure...

Laurel Andrews

A float plane's near-miss with a whale in the Southeast Alaska community of Angoon was caught on video last week...

Laurel Andrews

FAIRBANKS -- The rain had just lifted on Monday afternoon in Fairbanks, leaving the ground muddy and garbage soaked at the Farmers Loop West transfer station. As cars cycled through the lot, some people came to dump their trash. Others came to take it home.

Head to a transfer station in Fairbanks on any given day, and you will inevitably see a thriving community of dumpster divers knee-deep in the bins or scouting through the re-use section. Coupon clippers, artists and opportunists, they come from all walks of life. Some hope to save money or save the environment. Some want to make a profit. Other simply hoard what they find...

Laurel Andrews

This summer, a new state initiative will seek to curb overuse of hospital emergency rooms by Medicaid clients who are straining the system.

In Alaska, 3 percent of Medicaid clients are responsible for 22 percent of all Medicaid emergency room visits, according to the Department of Health and Social Services . That's 6,512 people categorized as emergency room "super-utilizers," who went to the ER at least five times during an 18-month review period, said project coordinator PK Wilson.

A state review found that one patient used the emergency room 79 times, and the average was 12 visits per person...

Laurel Andrews