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Suzanna Caldwell

Plans to add turbines to the Fire Island Wind project were suspended this month when the project ran into a hitch: No one wants to buy the power.

Suzanne Gibson, senior director of energy development for Cook Inlet Region Inc., said the independent power producer had to cancel construction and shipping contracts that would have added 11 wind turbines to Anchorage’s Fire Island. That happened after Alaska Railbelt utilities declined to purchase the company’s power following two years of negotiations.

Fire Island Wind, a subsidiary of CIRI, had hoped to begin construction on the turbines this spring and finish by the end of the year...

Suzanna Caldwell

Anchorage Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux said Wednesday she would postpone meetings of the state House and Senate judiciary committees on a bill that would define Alaska’s criminal marijuana laws until drafters complete a version of the law that better reflects “the will of the people.”

The decision in Wednesday’s joint Judiciary Committee meeting came after backlash from both legislators and supporters of Ballot Measure 2 who expressed concern and confusion over provisions in Senate Bill 30 on how to address use and possession of recreational marijuana...

Suzanna Caldwell

With legal possession of recreational marijuana only four weeks away, the Anchorage Assembly unanimously approved an ordinance making it illegal to consume it in a public place.

The ordinance Tuesday established rules on consuming the substance in a public place, a provision outlined in Ballot Measure 2 which made such an act strictly illegal and subject to fines...

Suzanna Caldwell

A bill looking to clarify Alaska’s criminal marijuana laws appeared to only stupefy legislators and supporters of the measure Monday by making the state’s already complicated marijuana laws even more confusing.

In a joint meeting of the House and Senate judiciary committees Monday, Alaska legislators asked questions of the drafters of Senate Bill 30, which looks to update laws related to criminal enforcement of marijuana. While certain points of the bill appear relatively straightforward -- clarifying the definition of marijuana, making it illegal to have open marijuana containers in a vehicle -- a section dealing with the heart of the law updating criminal statutes related to personal possession and manufacture drew serious concern...

Suzanna Caldwell

Anchorage's next mayor will have a lot to tackle when she or he takes office later this year, but one topic seems to have the most uncharted territory: marijuana legalization.

Of the three leading candidates who have announced their intention to seek office -- Amy Demboski, Dan Coffey and Andrew Halcro -- all have opinions when it comes to marijuana.

Halcro touched on his position on marijuana at a panel discussion by the Alaska Native Professionals Association on marijuana legalization last week...

Suzanna Caldwell

The Alaska Legislature held its first official hearing Thursday on Ballot Measure 2, the initiative that legalized recreational marijuana after voters approved it in November, and one thing was immediately clear: the body intends to take an active role in regulation.

Supporters of the ballot measure testified before the Senate State Affairs Committee in an effort to clarify questions legislators had about the initiative. Questions ranged from issues over intoxicated driving to limits on how workplaces will deal with employee testing...

Suzanna Caldwell

Snow appears to be in Alaska's forecast , but sled dog races are still pondering serious trail re-routes or cancelations due to the lack of winter weather...

Suzanna Caldwell

With abysmal snow conditions in Southcentral Alaska, the Iditarod Trail Committee is considering moving the race's restart north to Fairbanks.

Race marshal Mark Nordman said the committee is considering the move, though he said Tuesday the race “isn’t even close to making that decision.”

“Nothing has changed at this point, but you want to have a plan B in place and ... Fairbanks would be the place to go,” Nordman said.

He said race officials would decide whether to move the race by mid-February. He noted that cooler temperatures have helped to freeze rivers the trail travels over, saying the south fork of the Kuskokwim River was frozen. Nordman said there’s more snow in the Alaska Range than at the same point last year, but it wouldn’t hurt to have more...

Suzanna Caldwell

A possible delay on implementing marijuana concentrate regulations in Alaska has proponents of legalization fuming.

Rep. Paul Seaton, R-Homer, pre-filed House Bill 59 Friday, which is intended to provide guidance on marijuana concentrates. The bill includes several provisions on dealing with the substances, including delaying the regulations on concentrates for up to a year...

Suzanna Caldwell

News that the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the fate of same-sex marriages means Alaska is pressing pause on its ongoing challenge to the decision allowing marriage equality in the state.

Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards said in a statement Friday that his office would ask for a stay from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Hamby v. Parnell, the decision legalizing same-sex marriages in Alaska.

A stay of the appeal would only leave the appeal at a standstill. If granted, the stay would not have any impact on same-sex marriages in Alaska...

Suzanna Caldwell