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It’s out of the darkness and into perpetual light for the community of Barrow.

The northernmost community in the United States saw the sun rise at 2:37 a.m. Monday, and it won’t set again until 2:09 a.m. Aug. 2.

Dave Anderson, local manager of the Barrow National Weather Service station, said it wasn’t possible to see the sunset early Monday morning. Cloud cover and some light snow flurries kept the sun tucked away.

“It just got a little dim and then started getting bright again,” Anderson said of the short 28 minutes between sunset and sunrise Monday.

Anderson said that overcast weather still lingered Monday afternoon, with temperatures hovering at 31 degrees, a typical temperature for this time of year...

Suzanna Caldwell

A family of black bears captured and relocated from Anchorage's Government Hill neighborhood appear to be staying near the spot they were released into the wilds last week, but the move came at a cost.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said it has spent $9,400 to move the family of five bears from the densely populated Anchorage neighborhood to the Chickaloon Flats area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge last month...

Suzanna Caldwell

Bike lanes are popping up around Anchorage as part of the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions bike implementation plan, first discussed in 2010 and now finally becoming a permanent part of the city’s streets after years of fighting for funding.

This summer, 3.75 miles of bike lanes are being added to the existing 15 miles, with more expected in summer 2016, when four projects will almost double that total, adding another 16.56 miles of lanes.

Recently, lanes were being marked along Arctic Boulevard and E Street from Fireweed Lane north to 10th Avenue, as well as on A Street as part of a road resurfacing project...

Suzanna Caldwell

Given their name, it’s not surprising that salmon sharks eat salmon. But Alaska researchers are now asking whether the animals might have any impact on declining numbers of Bering Sea king salmon.

Andy Seitz, assistant professor of fisheries at the University of Alaska School of Fisheries and Ocean Science , hopes preliminary research collected from tags he attached to the salmon might help answer that question.

“It’s too early to tell if salmon sharks have any impact on abundance on king salmon in the ocean, but it’s certainly another factor that should be investigated,” Seitz said in a phone interview from Fairbanks Wednesday...

Suzanna Caldwell

Bernie Droege makes Free Dump Day an annual tradition -- not to haul away his extra trash but an easy way to save the $40 or so he would pay to take his load to the dump each month.

But as he stood in the back of a trailer attached to his car Saturday, he was doing more than just casually tossing black trash bags onto the growing pile of waste. He was opening each one and searching for a pair of ripped jeans.

“I left something valuable in them,” he said as his trailer quickly emptied with the help of his 5-year-old son, Christopher, who helped with smaller pieces of trash, like a chewed-up baseball he chucked across the pile of tattered mattresses, dried-out tree branches and banged-up barbecue grills...

Suzanna Caldwell

Biologists monitoring the new Innoko River wood bison herd got a pleasant surprise last month during an aerial survey of the animals: a bison calf, the first born in the wild in at least 100 years.

The calf was seen April 23, according to Cathie Harms, Alaska Department of Fish and Game regional program manager. She said Fish and Game does the survey every few days, so it’s unclear when the calf was born, but it was likely only a few days before. And on Friday, biologists spotted yet another calf.

The biologists celebrated their discovery.

“It felt like having a baby shower or something. It’s just huge,” Harms said. "It’s like the completion of the circle. We finally got animals into the wild and they are taking to it tremendously.”...

Suzanna Caldwell

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is rolling out an ad campaign geared toward informing the public of health risks associated with marijuana after voters approved legalizing recreational use in the state.

The Division of Public Health announced the launch of its “Get the Facts About Marijuana” campaign Wednesday . It includes radio, print and television ads, informational leaflets and a website geared toward giving Alaskans access to vetted information on the health aspects of marijuana use...

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Say you’re lucky enough to land in Alaska’s largest city and have a car. Your best plan? Get the heck out of town.

Luckily, Anchorage has a few escape routes. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to have a day trip or two. The only requirement is that you figure out in which direction you want to start.

Head north

Hop on the Glenn Highway and make your way toward Talkeetna, a mountain-climbing mecca tucked in the heart of the upper Susitna Valley...

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Jerry Active, accused of a notorious 2013 double murder and sexual assaults, including one involving a 2-year-old girl, was found guilty on all 12 counts Friday.

The decision comes a day after attorneys closed their arguments against Active , who was charged with a dozen crimes.

The state argued it had an abundance of evidence , including testimony from numerous witnesses and physical evidence, linking Active to the crimes...

Suzanna Caldwell

A longtime Anchorage horse-drawn carriage driver is in stable condition after he was seriously injured in an accident.

Jon Nauman, 75, was injured on April 14 while training two of his horses with a wagon off Birchwood Loop Road in Chugiak, according to Nauman’s daughter, Janus Reyes.

According to Reyes, Nauman was driving the horses by himself when he was thrown and run over by the wagon. He hit his head, broke 11 ribs and fractured his scapula and the top of his sternum. Reyes said Nauman was found unconscious at the scene, but is now in stable condition at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. She said now he’s “sort of” awake and is taking a lot of pain medication...

Suzanna Caldwell