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Five yaks found along Eagle River Road were reunited with their owners Tuesday morning.

The yaks -- four cows and a bull -- were reported to the Anchorage Police Department as wandering near Mile 8 of the road at about 6:20 a.m. Police spokesperson Jennifer Castro said the citizen who first reported the yaks told police there were a bunch of “these long horned cows in the road.”

Another person soon called to report that the owners of the yaks lived a few miles down the road. They were contacted and arrived with a trailer to retrieve the yaks. Castro said the whole situation was resolved in about an hour...

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The head of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson still isn’t sure what changes could be coming to the base if proposed U.S. Army actually happen, but that doesn’t mean he’s not preparing.

In a press conference Monday, the JBER Installation Commander, Air Force Col. Brian Bruckbauer, said he is meeting weekly with U.S Army leadership in Alaska, the Pacific and Washington, D.C., to understand the scope of possible cutbacks and how the base might have to adapt.

He emphasized that nothing on JBER was changing, at least until Army has a better understanding of their own in-state mission.

“Once we know, then we can make decisions going forward on what might need to occur to support that mission,” he said Monday...

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Every July in Alaska, the conversation turns to salmon.

Right now, salmon-hungry Alaskans are processing their catches, strapping dipnets to their cars, heading out to or returning from their commercial fishing sites or packing away fish from guided trips.

Catching your own isn’t the only way to get an Alaska salmon, though there’s something more personal about it. Salmon, according to Erin Harrington, executive director of The Salmon Project , are an intrinsic part of Alaska life...

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A Mississippi flag removed from the University of Alaska Fairbanks is flying over campus once again.

UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers, who ordered the flag removed from a 50-state flag display in Cornerstone Plaza last week , said in a Facebook post Friday the original flag would be returning to campus.

In the statement, Rogers said he received “strong opinions” on both sides of the issue that convinced him to return the flag, but he did so “reluctantly.”...

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Peggy Stout, the mother of Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe and wife of the late Anchorage political leader Ken Stout, died in Anchorage Wednesday of breast cancer, which she'd had for five years .

Stout, 86, was well known within the Alaska mushing community for her support of her daughter Jonrowe, a breast cancer survivor and 30-time Iditarod finisher.

Funeral arrangements are pending, according to a news release issued Wednesday...

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The University of Alaska Fairbanks removed a Mississippi flag from a prominent 50-state display Monday, citing an ongoing national discussion about the meaning behind Confederate imagery.

The official state flag of Mississippi contains the stars and bars of the Confederate battle flag in its upper left corner.

UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers ordered the flag removed from the university’s Cornerstone Plaza Monday morning. UAF spokeswoman Marmian Grimes said the removal was “appropriate in light of the national debate.”

She said the university received no complaints about the flag...

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For the last month, Anchorage parents Kim and Dana Ward-Massey have been busy dealing with the recent birth of their daughter, Charlotte, and all the complications that come with being first-time parents.

But the new parents had one particularly stubborn struggle: Getting approval for their daughter’s birth certificate.

Kim gave birth to Charlotte on June 8 in Anchorage. Dana, her wife of over three years, filled out the birth certificate form in the hospitals and submitted it to the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics, indicating that she is Charlotte’s other parent...

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A group of Juneau citizens is petitioning a local nonprofit to remove the Mississippi state flag, which features Confederate battle flag imagery, from a display of state flags lining one of the city’s main streets.

The Mississippi flag’s design includes a Confederate battle flag in its upper left corner. The calls to remove it come during a national debate over symbols of the Confederacy after a racially motivated mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine. Dylann Roof, who is accused of the killings, had posed for photos holding the Confederate flag ...

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KVICHAK BAY -- Last summer, after all the other fishermen had gone home at the end of the Bristol Bay salmon season, Corey Arnold stuck around Graveyard Point. A photographer and commercial fisherman, Arnold described the scene at the old cannery as eerie and empty. When the people left, grizzly bears showed up, a sure sign that it was time for Arnold to leave.

The bears just added to the run-down, barren feel of Graveyard Point, the abandoned salmon cannery that serves as home base for about 120 fishermen for six short weeks each summer. They spend their days catching hundreds of sockeye, or red, salmon near the banks...

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Maj. Gen. Bryan Owens took over Friday morning, July 10, 2015, as commander of U.S. Army Alaska in a change of command ceremony at Joint-Base Elemendorf Richardson. Owens is assuming command a day after a 2,600-troop reduction at the base was announced by the Pentagon...

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