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Suzanna Caldwell

The Anchorage Assembly has formed a committee whose sole focus is to consider the implementation of marijuana sales.

Assembly Chair Dick Traini announced Friday that the committee will look at regulation and taxation of the cultivation, manufacture and commercial sale of marijuana in Anchorage. Assemblyman Ernie Hall will chair the committee, which also includes Assembly members Pete Petersen, Amy Demboski and Paul Honeman...

Suzanna Caldwell

A group of Anchorage firefighters is taking it off -- at least some of it -- for a good cause.

A dozen firefighters worked together -- all off-duty -- to create the 2015 Anchorage Firefighter’s Calendar with a different firefighter for each month. All the proceeds of the publication are going to charity...

Suzanna Caldwell

A dispute between two neighbors, each actively involved in distinct underground Anchorage subcultures, has spilled into the streets.

Within the past week, Anchorage marijuana activist Charlo Greene and Sarha Shaubach, Miss World Leather 2013 and owner of the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles, have filed for seven restraining orders against each other and associates, leading to an arrest Tuesday. It's part of an ongoing clash related to disagreements at a shared business address in downtown Anchorage.

Anchorage police communications director Jennifer Castro said police have had several complaints called in regarding 225 E. Fifth Ave. but couldn’t say how many times they had been dispatched to the address, citing an ongoing investigation...

Suzanna Caldwell

An ordinance that would have banned commercial marijuana in Anchorage failed after four hours of public testimony and debate in Assembly chambers Tuesday night.

The Assembly voted 9-2 just after 10 p.m. to kill the measure. Only members Amy Demboski and Paul Honeman supported the measure.

Demboski introduced the proposal last month, hoping the city would take a “wait and see approach" as state lawmakers craft marijuana regulations.

But several Assembly members expressed concern that a ban would disconnect them from conversations regarding marijuana regulations at the state level.

“I’m fearful the message on ‘opt out’ will send key legislators in Anchorage to the sidelines,” said Assemblyman Bill Starr. “That will make my work harder.”...

Suzanna Caldwell

The Anchorage Assembly has a new chair.

Midtown Assemblyman Dick Traini was elected to lead the Assembly at its regular Tuesday night meeting. Elvi Gray-Jackson, also representing Midtown, was elected vice chair.

The secret ballot was the first action of the meeting, a carryover of a last-minute bid to change the chair at the Dec. 3 regular Assembly meeting . The clerk's office could not finish counting votes before time ran out on the meeting, leaving Patrick Flynn as chair...

Suzanna Caldwell

Residents of Alaska’s largest city will get a chance to testify on whether commercial marijuana facilities should be banned just a month after the state's voters chose to legalize sales...

Suzanna Caldwell

Residents will get a chance to testify Tuesday on whether the Anchorage Assembly should vote to ban commercial marijuana facilities in Alaska’s largest city.

The ordinance, introduced by Eagle River Assembly member Amy Demboski, has caused supporters and opponents of the initiative, just weeks past the election, to regroup around the measure.

Demboski’s ordinance, if approved by the Assembly, would allow the city to accept the “opt out” provision of Ballot Measure 2, the initiative legalizing recreational marijuana in Alaska...

Suzanna Caldwell

A group of Kenai Peninsula citizens interested in airing concerns over legalized marijuana ahead of any move on the part of local lawmakers to regulate cannabis plan to meet next week to discuss future steps.

Soldotna trial attorney Eric Derleth announced he would be hosting a town hall meeting to allow participants with differing views to discuss the impacts of marijuana legalization. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Kenai Central High School...

Suzanna Caldwell

Alaska’s history with legalizing marijuana has always been complicated, but The Atlantic is here to help. Cartoonist Josh Kramer put together an illustrated guide to the history called “Tundra Green.” In it, Kramer recounts (in mostly all green) Alaska’s weed history starting with the 1972 arrest of Irwin Ravin, who went on to challenge Alaska’s marijuana possession laws. That challenge went all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court, who ruled in the landmark Ravin v. State that Alaskans' right to privacy protects the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the home...

Suzanna Caldwell

With a new plan to secure public financing instead of private, the Knik Arm Crossing project is refreshing its data set and presented new studies Monday that followed up on similar studies conducted in past years.

What it came away with was more up-to-date information on projected population and job growth, as well as updated revenue forecasts if a bridge from Anchorage to Point MacKenzie is constructed -- or not...

Suzanna Caldwell