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Jerzy Shedlock

Alaska State Troopers say a despondent man who initially refused to pull over exited his vehicle on the Sterling Highway and retrieved a firearm from his trunk. That prompted troopers to fire in response, injuring the man.

Around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, troopers got a call from the Seward Police Department about “a despondent male driving north on the Seward Highway.” Troopers responded and tried to pull him over but said the driver drove off at a high rate of speed.

Troopers contacted the man, whom they did not identify in a Tuesday evening online dispatch, after he exited his vehicle near Mile 68 of the Sterling Highway...

Jerzy Shedlock

Anchorage police are investigating the death of a woman who was discovered near 13th Avenue and Hyder Street in the Fairview neighborhood early Tuesday morning.

Just after 5 a.m., police dispatch got a call about the woman, who was found outside. Police say she appeared to be unconscious and was not breathing.

Police and medics responded to the scene, where the woman was pronounced dead.

Police closed Hyder between 13th and 14th avenues while officers examined the area...

Jerzy Shedlock

Former patient care technician Allen Kelly Miller, 29, was sentenced Monday in Anchorage Superior Court to 15 years in prison with three suspended for sexually abusing two girls under his care at Providence Alaska Medical Center in 2013.

The state argued, and Judge Jack Smith found, that two aggravating circumstances applied in Miller’s case: the defendant’s offense was the worst in its category, and he had abused multiple victims more than once.

Smith said Miller’s crimes offend the community, and he added that patients should be able to expect adequate recuperation from injury or illness while under the care of a hospital, not abhorrent abuse...

Jerzy Shedlock

Alaska Wildlife Troopers have called upon additional help, as they do every year, as Alaskans start to inundate Kenai and surrounding communities in hopes of catching dozens of red salmon with oversized nets.

Opening day of the Kenai's three-week personal-use salmon dipnetting season was Thursday. From shore and from boats, crowds of residents soaked themselves in the waters of the Kenai and Kasilof rivers as well as the intermittent rainfall bathing the western Kenai Peninsula.

The first day of seasonal fishing madness was slow, said Alaska Wildlife Trooper Lt. Paul McConnell. The coming weeks will see more people traveling the Sterling Highway to the mouths of rivers with historically plentiful runs...

Jerzy Shedlock

An Anchorage man and former Alaska Yellow Cab driver accused of sexually assaulting a passenger he’d offered a free ride in August 2011 was found not guilty on Friday following a weeklong trial.

Jurors acquitted Chidiebere Nwokorie of all his charges, a total of four sex assault felonies.

Nwokorie’s family uttered sighs of relief as Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby handed down the jury’s decision; the victim quickly exited the courtroom before the judge dismissed the jury.

Defense attorney Joseph Van De Mark shook his client’s hand, then Nworkorie crossed himself while still standing behind the defense table. Nworkorie tried to address the court after being declared a free man, but Van De Mark convinced him otherwise...

Jerzy Shedlock

A 68-year-old Anchorage man was found guilty Thursday of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. The victim testified about being abused by defendant Jim Ferguson, according to the Anchorage District Attorney’s office.

Jurors found Ferguson guilty on two counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Ferguson abused the girl, a close family friend, when she was 8, Assistant District Attorney Jenna Gruenstein wrote in a press release. The girl was 10 when she finally told a family member about the abuse.

Gruenstien said the family member went directly to the state’s Office of Children’s Services, which referred the allegations to Anchorage police...

Jerzy Shedlock

A 25-year-old Anchorage man was sentenced in federal court Thursday to five years for robbing two South Anchorage banks earlier this year.

Cameron Patrick Fergerson, 25, was sentenced in Anchorage on two counts of bank robbery. He pleaded guilty to the charges in April, according to federal court records.

The first robbery was at Credit Union 1 on Abbot Road on February 25. Fergerson approached a bank teller and demanded money with a note, according to a federal complaint. As the teller was counting out the cash, Fergerson “snatched $1,600 from her then ran out the door,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alaska...

Jerzy Shedlock

A Fairbanks man was sentenced Wednesday in federal court to more than nine years in prison for possession of and intent to distribute crack cocaine, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alaska.

Benjamin Dewayne Smith, 37, received nine years and two months as well as four years of probation for a drug-dealing enterprise that used an apartment as a “trap house,” or a spot for storing and manufacturing illegal drugs, according to prosecutors.

An investigation began when Alaska State Troopers got a complaint about a suspected grow operation in an apartment building off Antoinette Street in Fairbanks. An occupant of that building complained about an “odor of fresh marijuana,” according to a federal criminal complaint...

Jerzy Shedlock

Alaska State Troopers on Wednesday arrested an Anchorage woman accused of running an online sex trafficking business that advertised in cities across the state. The bust stems from a series of cooperative investigations by local, state and federal law enforcement into the Alaska sex trade.

Amber Batts, 39, is accused of finding johns for the women who worked for her and taking a portion of the proceeds, troopers said...

Jerzy Shedlock

An informant implicating a former Anchorage computer technician as a low-level methamphetamine dealer led police and energy giant ConocoPhillips to discover the theft of more than three dozen computers from the company, according to a felony complaint filed last week.

Detectives were told by an apartment cleaner that the alleged culprit’s living space was littered with computer parts, weapons, and hundreds of packages of Spice, a designer drug marketed as synthetic marijuana.

The 37 laptop computers have an estimated value of $38,299. ConocoPhillips was apparently unaware of the missing hardware until Anchorage police started asking about Jason A. McDonald, the complaint says...

Jerzy Shedlock