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Sean Doogan

The state of Alaska is not going to be receiving eight demilitarized C-23 Sherpa cargo aircraft from the U.S. Army after all.

The Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs said there were too many questions surrounding Federal Aviation Administration flightworthiness requirements for the C-23. The department had planned to lease the aircraft to private companies in exchange for air time in other planes...

Sean Doogan

About 350 Anchorage-based paratroopers will be deploying to Kosovo at the end of the month.

Elements of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) 25th Infantry Division will first spend a month in Germany for training before heading to two NATO camps in Kosovo, a country torn apart by war since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the late 1990s. The Alaska troops held a deployment ceremony Friday afternoon at Buckner Field House on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

While in Kosovo, the Alaska paratroopers will work alongside the Kosovo police force and European Union troops to keep the peace in heavily Serbian and Albanian ethnic areas. But the Alaska troops will not be on the front lines...

Sean Doogan

Six Russian military planes were intercepted by U.S. jets off Alaska's west coast on Wednesday evening, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

NORAD said two F-22s took off from an undisclosed Alaska location to meet the Russian planes after they were spotted on radar entering the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone . The AADIZ is an area – extending up to 200 miles from Alaska's coastline – in which, upon entering, unidentified planes are met and visually identified by U.S. military aircraft...

Sean Doogan

Uber -- the company that lets people order, monitor and pay for a ride via its smartphone app -- began operating in Anchorage on Wednesday night when members of the indie-rock band Portugal. The Man got aboard a red SUV to take a ride .

Anchorage is Uber's 206th city worldwide. Eager users have rejoiced at the ride-sharing service's appearance in Alaska. And until at least Sept. 27, all rides on Uber in Anchorage are free up to $25.

"We launch our services in new cities with the free promotion to help introduce the application to riders and potential driver partners," Eva Behrend, Uber's Western Region spokeswoman, wrote in an email...

Sean Doogan

The number is $1,884. That's the amount of this year's Permanent Fund dividend as announced by Gov . Sean Parnell on Wednesday in downtown Anchorage.

"I'm frankly grateful for the Permanent Fund dividend at whatever amount, and I know Alaskans are too, as they save it or spend it for their own needs," Parnell said.

The governor made the announcement in a small conference room at the Atwood building in front of a crowd of dozens of media and about 100 state employees.

The 2014 dividend will be the third-largest check issued since the yearly distributions to Alaska residents began in 1982. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division said checks and direct deposits will go out on Oct. 2...

Sean Doogan

Uber , the nation's largest ride-sharing service, has plans to begin operations in Anchorage this month. The company operates a smartphone app that connects ride-seekers with drivers looking to make a few extra bucks by using their vehicles to shuttle people around.

But Uber's path in Alaska may be a bumpy one.

Anchorage transportation inspector Eric Musser said he believes the company and its drivers should be regulated as taxis, or as a car service. Such regulations could subject Uber drivers to licensing and permitting requirements, in turn setting up a legal showdown with municipal transportation regulators even before Uber's Anchorage rollout, expected to be announced later this week...

Sean Doogan

Meet "Bella" -- a house with a name and a purpose.

The 1,686-square-foot, two-story, single-family home was the star of the kickoff of the 50th annual Parade of Homes in Anchorage on Friday evening. Bella is the name of the floor plan for the home, part of an ongoing 40-acre condominium development by the Peterson Group , but it's also billed as the "Made-in-Alaska House" -- because this particular Bella has been built with as many Alaska-made and -sourced products as possible.

The house features Alaska-made insulation, foundations, windows, tiles, countertops, cabinets, furniture, artwork and lighting in an effort to showcase locally made building materials...

Sean Doogan

Plans to install sleeping pods at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport have been grounded by, of all things, Internal Revenue Service codes.

The pods, which were planned for the airport's C concourse , would have contained two to three bunks each for weary and laid-over travelers to get some cheap rest before boarding their next flight. Their installation would have made Anchorage's airport one of the first in the nation to utilize the so-called "micro hotels" and would have increased the airport's already growing nonflight revenue...

Sean Doogan

More than 940 miles southwest of Anchorage, in a remote Aleutian Island chain, Mount Cleveland is one of Alaska's most active and, until recently, least-observed volcanoes. Thanks to help from the National Science Foundation , geologists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory were finally able to install webcams , seismometers and infrasound detectors on Chugunadak Island, where Cleveland's symmetrical shape dominates the landscape...

Sean Doogan

The Alaska Federation of Natives ' annual convention will descend on Anchorage in six weeks, and the annual gathering of 4,000 to 5,000 delegates is expected to net the city and its businesses more than $6 million, according to AFN co-chair Tara Sweeney.

Sweeney discussed the upcoming convention at the weekly "Make it Monday" forum sponsored by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce ...

Sean Doogan