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An annual multibillion-dollar debate between oil companies and local municipalities about differences in the taxable value of the trans-Alaska pipeline resumed in Anchorage Monday.

The oil companies argue the 38-year-old pipeline is worth $2.6 billion, while the municipal governments of the North Slope, Valdez and Fairbanks say it is worth about six times that much, in large part because billions of barrels of profitable oil remain to be pumped to Valdez in the decades ahead. The state is arguing for a value three times higher than that favored by the companies...

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FAIRBANKS -- The challenge for his generation of Alaska Natives, Willie Hensley said, was to secure land rights, a fight that took place between 1966 and 1971. The challenge for the next generation, he said, is to simplify what has become a complicated administrative process across rural Alaska.

“If we got into a battle over governance, it was a no-starter,” Hensley said Thursday, recounting the early history of the Native land claims movement. He said there was a focus on getting the state to back the land claims effort and keeping Natives unified through the Alaska Federation of Natives...

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FAIRBANKS -- Alaska wildlife officials closed an area outside Denali National Park to wolf hunting by emergency order late Thursday , ending the season two weeks early following reports of two wolves legally shot near the Stampede Trail.

"The controversy regarding the so-called 'wolf buffer' is centered around the allocation of wolves between harvest through trapping and hunting, and wildlife viewing opportunities for park visitors," Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten wrote in the emergency order.

The order takes effect at 11:59 p.m. Friday and covers land west of the Savage River along the park boundary...

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FAIRBANKS -- Oil flowing through the trans-Alaska pipeline dropped by nearly 200,000 barrels a day in early May due to a combination of a slowdown in tanker traffic out of Valdez and limited storage at the terminal there, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. said.

Pipeline operators restricted oil flow from the North Slope to keep the tanks in Valdez from becoming too full, an Alyeska spokeswoman said. Oil flow in the pipeline dropped from 550,000 barrels a day on May 1 to 355,000 barrels on May 9, according to state records.

The flow began increasing Sunday and had climbed to 463,000 barrels by Wednesday...

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FAIRBANKS -- A former chief justice of the Alaska Supreme Court and a former delegate to the Alaska Constitutional Convention concurred that a legislative proposal to rework the merit-based system of selecting judges in Alaska by giving elected officials more influence in selecting candidates would promote politics over justice.

"We have a good democratic underpinning for the judicial system," said Vic Fischer, one of the 55 delegates to the convention. He said the long-established practice of selecting candidates for judgeships and the rules governing retention elections for judges have served the state well...

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For the second time since late April, the New York Stock Exchange has warned a major Cook Inlet oil and gas company that it is in danger of being removed from the exchange, this time because its market capitalization and stockholders' equity has fallen below the $50 million minimum threshold.

Miller Energy Resources, which expects to collect about $89 million from the state in cash payments for tax credits this year, released a statement Tuesday saying it "intends to notify the NYSE of its intent to regain compliance with this rule."...

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A brilliant but controversial Eskimo activist who played an influential role during the Alaska Native land claims movement died on Friday on a whaling trip outside Barrow.

Charles “Etok” Edwardsen Jr. was 71.

With his defiant approach and bold views on indigenous rights, Edwardsen became a prominent activist in the 1960s but his influence extended well beyond that era.

Friends, family and those he mentored say he inspired new generations of Native leaders throughout his life.

“Etok was a fierce warrior for Iñupiat rights and a defender of our cultural freedoms, and for this we are eternally grateful,” said Crawford Patkotak, chairman of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, the Alaska Native regional corporation for the North Slope...

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Urban Rahoi was back in a B-17 Friday, and while he would have much preferred to be at the controls of the Flying Fortress above the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the veteran Fairbanks flier settled for a place as a passenger in the “Arsenal of Democracy” tour marking the anniversary of the end of fighting in Europe during World War II.

“It was a good ride, and I had a Secret Service guy in front of me,” Rahoi, 96, said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. “They don’t trust anyone back here.”...

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Urban Rahoi was back in a B-17 Friday, and while he would have much preferred to be at the controls of the Flying Fortress above the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the veteran Fairbanks flier settled for a place as a passenger in the “Arsenal of Democracy” tour marking the anniversary of the...

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In 2009, Miller Energy Resources, a Tennessee company, announced what looked like one of the best Alaska purchases since William H. Seward's time. It paid $2.3 million for oil and gas reserves in Cook Inlet that the company said were worth $325 million.

Now the company is facing a challenge on three fronts -- the Securities and Exchange Commission told the company that it is challenging that 2009 valuation; the New York Stock Exchange warned that the company's stock price has dropped so low it may be delisted; and the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has levied a $446,000 fine for alleged violations on oil and gas facilities in Cook Inlet...

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