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Nathaniel Herz

The difference in reception for the two U.S. Senate candidates was stark.

The Republican, Dan Sullivan, got 45 minutes Friday morning to make his pitch to the United Fishermen of Alaska’s board of directors in a dimly lit hotel conference room in Anchorage -- a pitch that at best would draw just a few votes away from his opponent, incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, whom the group had endorsed months earlier.

Begich, by contrast, was invited to give the keynote address Friday night at the UFA’s glitzy 40th anniversary banquet, where he presented a fish-centric stump speech and described how he’d gone to bat for attendees by fighting against genetically modified salmon and illegal fishing in Alaska waters...

Nathaniel Herz

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan confirmed his general election debate schedule Tuesday, setting up seven matchups with incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich before Election Day.

Sullivan has already appeared at one debate in Anchorage with Begich. They will appear at the following events prior to the Nov. 4 election:

--Oct. 1 debate on fisheries issues in Kodiak

--Oct. 21 forum before the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce

--Oct. 23 forum in Anchorage hosted by the Resource Development Council, an industry group that supports development of natural resources

--Oct. 24 forum in Anchorage hosted by the Alaska Federation of Natives

--Oct. 28 forum before the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce...

Nathaniel Herz

A review by Maryland officials into property tax breaks received in that state by Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has found the tax breaks were appropriately granted.

In an emailed statement Tuesday, the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation said Sullivan, who received the tax breaks while working at the U.S. State Department and living in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Bethesda between 2006 and 2008, accurately declared Maryland his principal residence during that period -- a finding likely to provide ammunition to Sullivan's opponents...

Nathaniel Herz

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan was spotted Monday raising money for his campaign in Ohio by a Democratic opposition research organization, American Bridge 21st Century.

The Washington Post reported that Sullivan , who has faced questions from Democrats about his Alaska bona fides, was captured on video at the Cleveland Union Club by American Bridge.

A spokesman for Sullivan, Mike Anderson, said Sullivan has had a series of fundraisers outside Alaska...

Nathaniel Herz

A string of polls in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race released this week all show Republican candidate Dan Sullivan leading his opponent, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

Poll results have fluctuated over the course of the campaign, but the consistency of the recent results suggests Sullivan could be opening a lead, and a pair of respected national models now show him with a two-thirds chance of winning the election...

Nathaniel Herz

The owner of the Houston Texans football franchise is spending $500,000 on the U.S. Senate race in Alaska, in support of the Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

The franchise owner, Bob McNair , made the donation this month to a super PAC that supports Dan Sullivan, said Art Hackney, the Anchorage-based political consultant who runs the group.

McNair, who made his fortune in the energy industry, donates heavily to Republican causes. Kevin Cooper, the Texans' senior director of communications, said McNair believes strongly in “free enterprise” but does not comment on his political contributions...

Nathaniel Herz

The race in Alaska between incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and his Republican opponent, Dan Sullivan, has been a battleground for outside groups, which have spent millions of dollars seeking to influence national policy on hot-button issues from health care to environmental regulation.

But one area of the Alaska race that’s drawn minimal outside interest so far is gun control and Second Amendment rights.

The National Rifle Association announced last week it would be spending more than $11 million on elections this fall, and running TV ad campaigns backing Republicans in three key Senate races in Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina. More NRA ads are scheduled to boost Republicans in tight Senate races in four other states -- but not in Alaska...

Nathaniel Herz

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich pushed back Tuesday against Republican claims that a vote he made last week will allow President Barack Obama to make unilateral changes to national immigration policy after Election Day in November.

Ben Sparks, the campaign manager for Begich's opponent, Republican Dan Sullivan, emailed supporters the day after Thursday's vote to say that U.S. Senate Democrats, including Begich, had "blocked an amendment" to stop Obama from "singlehandedly granting amnesty to illegal immigrants."...

Nathaniel Herz

Both of Alaska’s candidates for U.S. Senate know that the country’s Social Security system needs reform -- its trustees say the system will start running short on money in about 20 years without a fix.

But Republican challenger Dan Sullivan and incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich differ sharply on how they’d solve the problem.

Begich has introduced legislation that would raise tax revenue for the system by removing a provision that exempts income above $115,000 from Social Security taxes. Getting rid of the $115,000 cap would keep the program solvent through 2085...

Nathaniel Herz

The family of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has given another $300,000 to an independent group supporting Sullivan’s campaign, after donating more than $350,000 in advance of the Aug. 19 Republican Party primary.

Sullivan’s parents, Sandra and Thomas Sullivan, each gave $150,000 on Aug. 29 to American Crossroads, a super PAC that supports Republicans and that has reserved $5.5 million in television commercials in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race.

Members of the Sullivan family had previously given $375,000 to Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values, another super PAC backing Sullivan that’s run by Anchorage political consultant Art Hackney...

Nathaniel Herz