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Nathaniel Herz

Joe Miller, the right-wing Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, says he has turned over day-to-day operations of his for-profit website to his daughter, but still churns out a reliable supply of conservative news — and at least one advertiser says it’s a great investment.

The site, Restoring Liberty, is what Miller recently referred to at a debate as a successful small business, with his campaign reporting $15,500 in income in its most recent annual financial disclosure. But it also offers Miller advantages as a candidate, with the site and its email newsletter serving as a platform for press releases, videos and fundraising efforts for his campaign...

Nathaniel Herz

A hunting and fishing bill with bipartisan support failed in the U.S. Senate on Thursday amid election season political maneuvering — and Alaska’s senators were right in the middle.

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski was the co-author of the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act, which failed when a bipartisan group of senators, including Murkowski, blocked a move by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to close debate on the measure without allowing amendments.

Reid’s move was widely viewed as aimed at keeping a group of vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election, including Sen. Mark Begich, from having to make tough votes on amendments that could have tightened or loosened gun control laws...

Nathaniel Herz

Claim Check will regularly examine campaign ads through the 2014 election season.

• The ad: “Faith”

• Who’s running it : Put Alaska First PAC, attacking Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan

• First aired : July 9

• Spending : Group declines to say

The super PAC supporting Democratic Sen. Mark Begich’s re-election campaign, Put Alaska First, released an ad Wednesday with a new attack on Republican primary candidate Dan Sullivan over an old issue: his support of a pro-development permitting and water rights bill...

Nathaniel Herz

One’s a former Republican legislator who pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy in 2011 as part of the FBI’s investigation of Alaska political corruption. Another works at a University of Alaska Fairbanks field station north of the Brooks Range. A third says he’s paying for his campaign out of his own pocket, with a $1,000 budget so far.

Meet the third-party candidates for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Mark Begich.

So far, three Republicans vying to replace Begich have soaked up the bulk of the attention...

Nathaniel Herz

As President Barack Obama travels to Texas this week to grapple with a surge of migrants hitting the border there, tea party favorite Joe Miller is highlighting immigration as a key issue in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Alaska that’s currently held by Democrat Mark Begich.

Miller, who’s in his second run for Senate, released a video this week that lays out his “uncompromising” views on immigration, and calls his Republican primary opponents soft on the issue.

The video, which was released on YouTube and distributed in an email newsletter from a website owned by Miller, is titled: “Joe Miller is the only AK GOP U.S. Senate candidate 100 percent against amnesty.”...

Nathaniel Herz

A conservative public policy group announced Wednesday morning it has scheduled a debate on social issues next month for the three candidates in the Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Mark Begich.

The Alaska Family Council says Joe Miller, Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan have confirmed their participation in the debate, which will be held at noon Aug. 4 at Community Covenant Church in Eagle River.

The event “will be a unique opportunity for Alaskans to hear where each candidate stands on issues related to the sanctity of life, marriage, religious liberty, school choice and parental rights,” the group said in an email...

Nathaniel Herz

A Republican group is complaining that one of its staff members was kicked out of a public campaign event held in Fairbanks on Saturday by Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

The operative, Tyler Slater -- a “tracker” for Washington D.C. based America Rising who is paid to tape and monitor Begich’s events — is shown on a video he recorded as being asked to leave the event, which the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner described as a “town hall on diversity.”...

Nathaniel Herz

U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s Republican primary opponents are escalating their attacks on the former Alaska attorney general over his stance on the state’s “stand your ground” law.

At a recent debate, candidate Joe Miller questioned Sullivan’s claim in a radio ad that, as attorney general, he had “fought to protect our Second Amendment rights and passed ‘stand your ground.’”...

Nathaniel Herz

The Alaska State Troopers briefly closed the Seward Highway near Girdwood on Friday evening as part of a rescue effort for a 5-year-old child who was found following a search of a local creek.

Rescuers were performing CPR on the child, who had been reported missing from a pullout near Glacier Creek in Girdwood, near the Tesoro gas station, according to troopers and Girdwood Fire Department officials. Authorities had initially closed the highway to use it for a helicopter rescue, but reopened it after determining they could land the helicopter closer to the scene, said Megan Peters, a spokeswoman for the troopers.

It was not immediately clear whether the child was found in the creek or elsewhere, Peters said...

Nathaniel Herz

The Alaska State Troopers used a helicopter to pluck two boaters from a rain-swollen river in northeast Alaska late Wednesday, the troopers said in a prepared statement.

The troopers said they picked up Erwine Alvisser, 44, and Barbara Walcer, 45, from a sandbar at the confluence of the Sheenjek and Koness rivers, after the pair asked to be rescued "because the water was dangerously high and swift," the statement said.

Two bears had also "ransacked" the boaters' gear, the troopers' statement said, though Alvisser and Walcer were unharmed.

The statement did not say how the boaters requested their rescue, or identify how they got to the river or the type of vessel they were using. A spokeswoman for the troopers did not respond to questions about the rescue...

Nathaniel Herz