Tegan Hanlon

A reorganized Anchorage School Board unanimously passed a budget amendment Monday that cut nearly $15.7 million from the 2015-16 school year budget, removing funding for 60 teaching positions and other staff, supplies and programs...

Tegan Hanlon

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services on Friday confirmed this year’s first case of paralytic shellfish poisoning, prompting state epidemiologists to issue their familiar warning: Eating personally harvested shellfish from Alaska’s beaches comes with risks.

“A yearly reminder is good because it’s so prevalent,” Jason Grenn, DHSS spokesperson, said of paralytic shellfish poisoning, which is caused by eating shellfish contaminated with toxin-producing dinoflagellate algae.

Grenn said the most recent case of the toxin occurred April 24 after a person ate clams recently harvested in the Loring area, north of Ketchikan. Within 30 minutes, the person reported tingling of the lips and tongue -- early warning signs of paralytic shellfish poisoning, Grenn said...

Tegan Hanlon

Anchorage police arrested one man after a two-hour standoff Thursday as a small crowd of residents stood outside and watched.

Police were called around 5 p.m. to the brown fourplex on Taku Drive near the Davis Street intersection. Witnesses reported that a man fired shots outside and then smashed a window, said Renee Oistad, police spokeswoman.

Oistad described it as a “male-female altercation” but wouldn't give more specific information. Police did not identify the man or woman.

About an hour after the call, the SWAT team arrived at the fourplex where the man and woman were. Neighbors watched. Some had snacks. One bounced a basketball...

Tegan Hanlon

The Anchorage School District has proposed eliminating 70 teacher positions from next school year’s budget , along with four pre-K classrooms and team planning time for middle school elective teachers , among other staff jobs and programs...

Tegan Hanlon

When it comes to air quality, the American Lung Association has given Anchorage and Fairbanks mixed grades.

For ozone pollution, Fairbanks is the cleanest metropolitan area in the country, according to the association's annual "State of the Air: 2015" report released Wednesday. But Fairbanks also scored as one of the top ten worst cities for short-term particle pollution , flanked in the rankings by Pittsburgh and Logan, Utah...

Tegan Hanlon

The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday passed a revised 2015 operating budget that added more than $10 million to the budget it previously approved in November.

An increase in property values and in the number of taxable properties in the Municipality of Anchorage allowed for the spending increase while still accommodating a slightly reduced total property tax rate compared to last year. But Anchorage homeowners may not see the benefits of a lower 2015 tax rate if their property's value increased...

Tegan Hanlon

Mayor Dan Sullivan’s administration is proposing to restrict alcohol purchases for people who use Anchorage’s emergency sleep-off center three or more times in one year.

The ordinance will be introduced Tuesday at the Anchorage Assembly meeting. Municipal Attorney Dennis Wheeler said its purpose is to crack down on those who repeatedly sleep at the Anchorage Safety Center after drinking too much alcohol.

“What other things can we do to get them off alcohol so they're not a danger to themselves and others?" Wheeler said. “This is one idea, and we will see if the Assembly wants to try it.”...

Tegan Hanlon

Of 80 frozen pizzas stolen Sunday in the village of Gambell, 75 have been recovered, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Village police officers received their "strongest investigative lead" in the case when John Koozaata, 29, and Lewis Oozeva, 21, called the Gambell Police Department and tried to sell the pizzas to on-duty officers, according to a trooper dispatch posted online Monday.

At 10 a.m. Sunday, troopers in Nome received report of the burglary in Gambell, a village on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea...

Tegan Hanlon

Alaska State Troopers say a 46-year-old man died Sunday near Tanana after he lost control of his ATV and it crashed into a tree.

Lawrence Moses of Tanana was riding on Mission Hill Road, a packed dirt roadway, said Megan Peters, troopers spokeswoman. Moses' ATV left the road about two miles from the Interior village and hit the tree, she said.

A village public safety officer received a report of the wreck around 9:10 p.m. Sunday. The officer and medics responded and found Moses' body. He died from injuries sustained in the crash, Peters said.

Peters said the severity of Moses' injuries suggested he was traveling at high speed. His body was sent to the state Medical Examiner's Office, she said...

Tegan Hanlon

A judge sentenced Lee Chee Chang on Friday to 11 1/2 years in prison for his involvement in a 2011 shooting outside an East Anchorage bar that left two people injured and two dead, including his older brother, according to the Attorney General's Office.

Police said Chang, then 25, shot Emilio Ramirez, 35, at point-blank range as Ramirez lay in the parking lot outside JJ's Lounge off Muldoon Road. Chang was charged with killing Ramirez. Chang also shot and wounded Ramirez's girlfriend as well as a bystander, according to police...

Tegan Hanlon