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Tegan Hanlon

A 25-year-old woman dialed 911 in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve and reported she had shot and killed her cousin, according to the Fairbanks Police Department.

Police identified the victim as 33-year-old Jeanelle Clark. Police and investigators found her body Wednesday at a fourplex on the 2600 block of Gillam Way in South Fairbanks, according to a news release posted on the police Facebook page.

Investigators questioned Clark's cousin, Emmalee Clark, and arrested her on a charge of first-degree murder, the release said.

"It is believed that the murder occurred early this morning," the release said.

Emmalee Clark called police at 12:54 p.m. to report the death, police said...

Tegan Hanlon

In the wake of controversy surrounding "The Interview," a comedy about the assassination of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the Bear Tooth Theatrepub in Anchorage has announced it will begin screening the film Jan. 2.

The independent, second-run theater will not publicize show times for the film until Monday evening, according to Rand Thornsley, film buyer for the Bear Tooth. Tickets will go on sale the following day, he said.

“This was the only opportunity for (Sony Pictures) to have an opening in Anchorage theatrically, so they are allowing the Bear Tooth to run the film within our normal programming,” Thornsley said...

Tegan Hanlon

A group of ATV riders reported no serious injuries Monday after they fell into an icy lake west of Point MacKenzie , according to Dennis Brodigan , the director of the Mat-Su Borough’s emergency services.

The four riders sank at least two ATVs in Figure Eight Lake at roughly 6:40 a.m. Two left on foot to find help, Brodigan said.

"They finally ran into a snowmachiner who placed the 911 call," he said.

Around 12:40 p.m., dispatch received the 911 call reporting that four people had fallen into the lake about six hours earlier. The snowmachiner drove the two people to their pickup on Point MacKenzie Road near the Pipeline Trail, Brodigan said...

Tegan Hanlon

Two people died Monday morning in a fiery head-on collision that closed a stretch of the Parks Highway in Denali National Park for hours, according to park information officer Kathleen Kelly.

Around 10:30 a.m., a 911 caller reported the crash near Mile 236. A pickup and SUV had collided on the two-lane road, Kelly said. Flames engulfed the vehicles. She described the wreck as “catastrophic.”

A video posted on Facebook showed a pickup off the road with its front end in flames. The entire SUV was also on fire, lying on its side in the roadway.

Medics pronounced both drivers dead on-scene. There were not believed to be any passengers in the vehicles, Kelly said...

Tegan Hanlon

Chris Ashenbrenner , Alaska's new Medicaid expansion project director, quit her job as a fisherman in 1981 because of a problem familiar to thousands of Alaskans: she needed health insurance.

“So I took a state job,” Ashenbrenner, a lifelong Alaskan, said Monday. “I liked the work and I liked having health insurance, so I just kept going.”

More than 30 years later and with decades logged in the public health sector, Ashenbrenner, 65, has come out of retirement and accepted the role of Medicaid expansion project director, a new position created under Gov. Bill Walker. In the coming months, she is expected to carve out the state’s path toward extending health care coverage to some of Alaska’s lowest-income residents...

Tegan Hanlon

A 28-year-old inmate was found dead early Friday in a bathroom at the Anchorage Correctional Complex hours after he was arrested, according to the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Robert Alexie killed himself using an “article of clothing,” said Sherrie Daigle, deputy director of the Department of Corrections. She would not say how, citing an investigation.

Officers discovered Alexie’s body in the bathroom of the jail’s booking room, which Daigle described as “an open area” with “a restroom facility within that area.” She said the bathroom is “somewhat private.”

Alexie was in the booking room with other inmates as well as with officers who “are monitoring the inmates,” Daigle said...

Tegan Hanlon

The Seattle University School of Law has received approval from the American Bar Association to open a satellite campus in Anchorage, solidifying the school's timeline to begin classes this fall in the only state without a law school.

Alaska Pacific University will house the satellite campus, staffed by a professor from Seattle University and adjunct professors drawn from Alaska's legal community, said Katherine Hedland Hansen , spokeswoman for the Seattle University School of Law...

Tegan Hanlon

A bomb threat forced a brief evacuation of East High School and halted a basketball tournament Friday as police swept the building, according to the Anchorage School District.

Shortly before 2 p.m., a school staff member answered a phone call and “heard a recorded message making a threat,” said Dani Myren, police spokeswoman.

School was not in session Friday, but the T-bird Classic basketball tournament was being held in the school’s gymnasium, said Heidi Embley, district spokeswoman.

People in the school were placed in lockdown before being evacuated around 2:15 p.m., she said.

About 45 minutes later, police reopened the building after finding nothing suspicious, Myren said...

Tegan Hanlon

The Anchorage School Board has approved the addition of nearly $21 million to the district’s budgets for this school year and the next.

All the money will be pulled from the Anchorage School District’s unassigned fund balance -- a pool of cash expected to grow by millions of dollars this school year as the district spends less than it budgeted for...

Tegan Hanlon

The Anchorage School Board approved two resolutions late Monday aimed at helping charter schools in their challenges acquiring facilities .

In a 4-3 vote, the board OK'd a lease for Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences that would allow the public charter school to move into a new building big enough to house all its roughly 440 students, who are now split among a church, six portable classrooms and a neighborhood elementary school...

Tegan Hanlon