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A gang rivalry may have led to the shooting Monday in Anchorage’s Fairview neighborhood that left one person wounded, according to a complaint filed by an Anchorage police officer.

Around noon Monday, police got a 911 call reporting a shooting in the parking lot at 801 Karluk Street, an apartment complex near the Fairview Community Recreation Center. There, police found a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his left arm. Bullet holes marked the windshield of the man’s car. There were shell casings and blood on the ground near the car, according to the complaint signed by officer Hunter Hasbrouck and filed in District Court...

Tegan Hanlon

Alaska jumped from 36th to 31st place this year in nationwide senior health rankings released Wednesday by United Health Foundation, a nonprofit arm of the insurer UnitedHealth Group.

The state's strengths include a low rate of seniors living in poverty at 5.1 percent and a high number of personal care and home health aides per capita, according to the rankings report. Alaska also placed as the state with the highest level of “community support," defined as the state and federal funds spent on adults age 65 and older living in poverty, the report said...

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After the Anchorage School Board cut about 60 classroom teacher positions from next school year's budget earlier this month, the Anchorage School District now says it has worked out a way to not lay off any teachers.

The possibility of teacher layoffs came after the School Board trimmed a previously approved budget for the 2015-2016 school year by nearly $15.7 million ...

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Portland-based Alpha Media announced in a statement Monday that it had entered into an agreement to buy radio stations in Alaska, California, Kansas, Texas and Washington from Morris Communications...

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An Alaska state trooper and a 59-year-old Soldotna man were taken to the hospital Monday evening after they were involved in a two-vehicle wreck, according to troopers.

The crash occurred near mile 99 of the Sterling Highway, south of Soldotna. Edmond Mallette Jr. was driving an Oldsmobile SUV southbound on the highway when he missed his turn. He started to turn his SUV around in the roadway, but did not see the oncoming trooper patrol car, troopers said in an online dispatch.

Trooper Thad Hamilton was driving with the patrol car's emergency lights on, troopers said. Mallette's SUV hit the patrol car's passenger side as it passed. Both cars went into a ditch and rolled onto their sides, troopers said...

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Anchorage police are looking for a man who they say fired several rounds from a handgun at another man in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the neighborhood of Fairview Monday.

Police received a report of the shooting shortly after noon. A 32-year-old man told police he was sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot at the 800 block of Karluk Street when a dark-colored sedan pulled up; the passenger got out and fired several rounds from a handgun at the victim. The bullets went through the windshield and the man suffered two non-life threatening wounds to his arm, according to a release from Anchorage Police Department spokesperson Anita Shell.

The passenger then got back into the car and fled, Shell said...

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The owners of Anchorage’s bustling Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop, tucked in South Addition, will open a second bakery this summer in Airport Heights.

“We all feel that this is a long time coming,” said Rachel Saul, who owns the bakery with her parents, Jerry Lewanski and Janis Fleischman. “We’re super jazzed to really move forward on a second location.”

For the past four years, the trio has sought a new space -- one nestled in a neighborhood like their current bakery. But in a city flush with strip malls, a small commercially zoned property in a residential area proved hard to find.

“Anchorage was built mostly in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and at that point people felt like residential and commercial should be really separate,” Fleischman said...

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Power has been restored in downtown Anchorage Friday night about an hour after Municipal Light and Power reported an outage.

The power outage, which started shortly before 10 p.m., swept downtown bars and restaurants from First Avenue through Eighth Avenue during a peak business hour. It also affected parts of the Port of Anchorage and shut down traffic lights, according to ML&P.

Julie Harris, ML&P spokeswoman, said two crews worked to restore power. What caused the power outage remained under investigation, she said.

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Three people from the Western Alaska village of Koyuk were treated for botulism after they ate fermented seal flipper last week, according to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Two separate meals were responsible, said Sarana Schell, DHSS public information officer. While the same people prepared both meals, the meals were prepared separately with meat from different seals, she said.

Dr. Michael Cooper, the infectious disease program manager at the state Department of Epidemiology, said that in both instances, the seal flipper was wrapped in seal skin and placed in a box. Seven people ate the meal on May 4. On May 9, four people had the meal, he said...

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The string of threatening but apparently harmless phone calls to Alaska schools continued Wednesday with calls to schools in Anchorage, Juneau, Talkeetna and Soldotna.

The FBI is investigating the spate of threats with Alaska State Troopers and local police, said FBI spokeswoman Staci Feger-Pellessier.

“Some of the calls are very similar,” she said. “They're either computer-generated or automated messages.”...

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