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Julia O'Malley

Jake Metcalfe, former Anchorage School Board president and former head of the state Democratic Party, announced late Sunday that he plans to run against Don Young in the 2008 congressional election.

"All this stuff has been coming out, there's been a barrage of new information about the corruption and the ethics violations, and I thought, 'You know, somebody's got to run against him,' " he said.

"I just figured I'd do it."

Metcalfe, an attorney for IBEW, grew up in Southeast Alaska in a large, well-known Juneau family. He worked previously as a prosecutor in Bethel. He said by cell phone from Washington, D.C., Sunday night that he plans to file the paperwork today...

Julia O'Malley

Under indictment for bribery, state Rep. Vic Kohring announced his resignation on Tuesday, and Valley Republicans began work to replace him.

"I expect there will be at least 10 people who apply," said Alaska Republican Party head Randy Ruedrich.

Kohring told a ballroom packed with constituents that he'll resign from office in 30 days.

"The media and the population in general does not know I'm innocent. This has left a cloud of doubt over me and my votes," he said at a Wasilla Chamber of Commerce luncheon...

Julia O'Malley,Kyle Hopkins

Just before 11 p.m. on a recent Friday night, a sedan rolled up in front of Chugach View, a state-run apartment building for the low-income elderly and disabled in Fairview. A tall young man in a puffy jacket stepped out.

He pulled his hood over his head and strolled to the call box. Someone upstairs opened the security doors for him. Ten minutes later, the electronic doors opened again and he got back into the idling car.

"Now, what's he doing here?" asked an older resident, seated with her walker in the community room where she could keep track of comings and goings.

"I'll tell you one thing," answered another older woman who was flipping through a tattered People magazine. "He ain't visiting his grandma."...

Julia O'Malley

No one chooses to live at John's Motel and RV Park.

Around there, when the wind blows a certain way, it carries the stink of urine. The water runs brown. Suspicious wads of toilet paper dot the mud between the moldering fifth-wheels.

The people live there because they have to. At the first of the month, there were 40 of them, more or less, making homes in crippled campers and run-down motel rooms. In a town where cheap rent starts at $750 a month, a family can live at John's on Mountain View Drive for $450. And the tenants will tell you it doesn't matter if you have a dog, a drinking problem or a record.

Which is why they don't want to move.

But they're being evicted...

Julia O'Malley

Tenants of John's Motel & RV Park on Mountain View Drive have filed a lawsuit, saying they're owed for months of living in substandard, sewage-tainted conditions.

The Anchorage Community Land Trust, an urban renewal nonprofit, took over the worn Mountain View motel and RV park last year with plans to fix it up or use it in a new way. The site was never in the best condition, but over the winter backed-up sewage soiled motel rooms and RVs. The power went out, and people lost heat.

"It's a maintenance nightmare, they (the land trust) have done virtually nothing to resolve it, and they've mistreated these people," said David Schlerf, an attorney with the law office of Darryl Jones who filed the suit last week...

Julia O'Malley