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Paul Jenkins

For just a nanosecond, a guy could sympathize with President Barack Obama. There he was, frozen in narcissistic hell by an unexpected photo, grinning like an errant schoolboy for a "selfie" with his pals while the world memorialized former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Who among us has not dorked it up at one point or another, ignoring even a mate's stony glare? It was, after all, just a light-hearted frolic with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron in Johannesburg, and who could blame him?...

Paul Jenkins

As we march in lockstep toward a social and political cataclysm and prepare to surrender one-sixth of our economy to bureaucratic whimsy in one of history's largest wealth-redistribution rip-offs, do you ever wonder what happened to this nation?

When did we become so woefully compliant? So weak? So eager to lick the hands of our masters? So incredibly stupid? When did we forget how to resist?

While we fretted about who was doing what in Hollywood, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, fundamentally changed not only health care, but America - to its core. It is no wonder our betters, fearful of an awakening, scramble to disarm us...

Paul Jenkins

It is another mega-dose of déjà vu all over again. A gas pipeline from the North Slope. Huge. Billions. Hope. Jobs. Finally. Yippee!

Is anything new under the sun?

This time, consultants say Alaska should consider investing billions to buy a piece of the action. It is not a new idea. State participation would brighten pipeline economics and spread risk, they say, but is it worth the gamble? Will the line be built anyway, with or without the state?

As North American gas prices have slipped, they skyrocketed in places such as Japan, which understandably is shying away from nuclear power. Natural gas demand is strong in Asia and is expected to grow in coming decades even as huge new fields come on line and others wane...

Paul Jenkins

As the donnybrook over dumping oil tax reform percolates -- and it promises to be a knock-down, drag-out doozy -- some are wondering where Alaska's junior senator, Mark Begich, stands on the referendum that would repeal Senate Bill 21.

He has not been bashful about his position on any number of things. Eielson jets. Medicaid. Guns. Arctic oil issues. Energy. The Keystone XL oil pipeline. Pebble. Obamacare. He has had something to say about any number of the myriad issues affecting Alaska.

But he is remarkably taciturn about the immensely important repeal referendum appearing on next year's primary election ballot. At risk in August is the state's economy, its fiscal health and possibly a long-awaited gas line...

Paul Jenkins

Of all the hogwash hustled by charlatans working to repeal oil tax fixes needed for Alaska's healthy fiscal future, perhaps the most egregious is the claim that reform is a "giveaway" to the evil oil industry -- anywhere from $2 billion to $8 billion, depending on the fibber.

The Legislature this year passed Senate Bill 21 to spur slumping North Slope oil production and generate new tax revenue for Alaska, which relies on that money to make ends meet. About 90 cents of every dollar the state spends comes from that revenue...

Paul Jenkins

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Between now and then, another 600 World War II veterans, most of them in their 80s or 90s, will die. We lose one every two minutes; an entire generation passing quickly into history. Of the 16,112,566 Americans who risked everything to serve this nation during that long, grinding war, only about 1.2 million remain today. Their median age is about 92.

My dad is 91. Veterans Day of late has taken on new meaning for my brothers and me...

Paul Jenkins

For a guy who fancies himself a hipster with all the answers, Barack Obama certainly is a dummy when it comes to knowing what his administration is up to. He is either a liar of epic proportions or an insulated, hapless passenger on a rudderless ship of state.

If we are to believe the meme, our fearless leader knows nothing of the long list of messes his administration has made. They just happened...

Paul Jenkins

You have to love politics to pay attention to what is going on with Anchorage Ordinance 37, the controversial and overdue rewrite of the city's labor law. If not, there is no way you could take enough showers to feel clean. This is what you need to know: If you are the average property taxpayer, there is a very good chance you are going to get hosed, no matter what...

Paul Jenkins

In times of lunacy such as these it is difficult not to laugh. The president has blossomed into a tin pot potentate rivaling any tin pot potentate tucked away in any Third World backwater. Lies are truth. Truth is "newspeak." Much of Congress is an ironic New Yorker cartoon come to life. Government is running amok.

One need only glance at the headlines to marvel as Washington, D.C., seeks its own level at the bottom of a rusted and quite stinky barrel...

Paul Jenkins

Only a moron would believe the governmental "crisis" is not going to be resolved -- and soon. Obamacare will go into effect. The government will be funded. The debt limit will be raised. Democrats will win. Republicans will lose. Americans will be ignored.

That is the way of things. Democrats do not care about carnage. Republicans are too afraid to stick to their guns.

Oh, do not get me wrong. Republicans are right to oppose the abominable Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a measure passed in the dead of night and after blatant bribery. They are right in trying to represent the will of the majority of Americans...

Paul Jenkins