Kathleen Macknicki


By Danuta Pfeiffer; Luminare Press; $15.95...

Kathleen Macknicki

Arctic Daughter

By Jean Aspen; Graphic Arts Books; $17.99...

Kathleen Macknicki
Kinds of Winter

By Dave Olesen; Wilfred Laurier University Press; $19.99

The blurb: After a 15-year career as a musher, Dave Olesen turned his focus away from sled-dog racing and set out to fulfill a lifelong dream. Over the course of four successive winters he steered his dogs and sled on long trips away from his remote Northwest Territories homestead, setting out in turn to the four cardinal compass points — south, east, north and west — and home again to Hoarfrost River...

Kathleen Macknicki

Treasures of the Golden Bear

By Stephen F. Stringham, Wildwatch LLC

The blurb: When Bril frees a trapped grizzly bear, she never dreams of all the adventures they’ll share or that it will lead her to a fortune in gold. Nor does the O’Shea gang expect that robbing her is like Goliath provoking David...

Kathleen Macknicki

Saloons, Prostitutes and Temperance in Alaska Territory

By Catherine Holder Spude; University of Oklahoma Press; $24.95...

Kathleen Macknicki


By Tyler Blackthorne; Mount Hood Press; $14.99

The blurb : To reclusive backcountry hunting guide Dylan Baker, it started out like an ordinary day. Suddenly his best friend and a small army of elite and deadly mercenaries demand that he deliver a long-forgotten Bible before they start shooting.

While relying on his masterful woodland survival skills to avoid capture and death, he must find a way to trust the beautiful journalist claiming to help him. Their shocking discovery rocks the foundations of faraway Washington, D.C., and leads Dylan to a dangerous outcome...

Kathleen Macknicki

Iditarod Adventures: Tales From Mushers Along the Trail

By Lew Freedman with illustrations by Jon Van Zyle; Alaska Northwest Books; $17.99

The blurb: In "Iditarod Adventures," mushers explain why they have chosen this rugged lifestyle, what has kept them in long-distance mushing and the experiences they have endured along the 1,000-mile trail between Anchorage and Nome...

Kathleen Macknicki

Alaska Hunting: Earthworms to Elephants

By Jake Jacobson; Publishing Consultants; $19.95

The blurb: After hearing stories of shooting moose in the cabin yard, placer gold and massive runs of salmon, 5-year-old Jake decided he would live in the far north. Twenty years later, he arrived in Alaska -- more than eight years after statehood and 100 years after the Great Land was purchased from Russia.

The first two years, Jake traveled throughout Alaska delivering dental care to remote villages from Southeastern to Arctic Alaska as an Indian Health Service officer. He gained a firsthand knowledge of subsistence, commercial and personal use of the far north's abundant wild resources...

Kathleen Macknicki

Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About the World's Most Popular Weed

By Kevin P. Hill, M.D.; Hazelden Publishing; $14.95.

The blurb: Marijuana -- or weed, pot, grass, reefer or cannabis among dozens of other names -- has a long and colorful history as one of the most sought-after mood-altering substances in the world. Societal opinion about the drug has dramatically swayed over the years, and now the heated debate over its legalization has divided opinion makers, the medical community and the public alike. The myths and misinformation about marijuana have only multiplied as the controversy over recreational and medical marijuana grows...

Kathleen Macknicki
The Spaces Between: Stories From the Kenai Mountains to the Kenai Fjords

By Doug Capra; Ember Press; $26.95.

The blurb: This book is the first in a series of original titles to be published by the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area.

A colorful collection of articles and stories about the people who settled the eastern Kenai Peninsula, this educational and entertaining book offers readers a glimpse at a period of Alaska history...

Kathleen Macknicki