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New steps by the Obama administration are designed to slow the trend of corporations shifting their legal address overseas, lowering their tax bills in the process.

It’s a problem that has grabbed news headlines this year as a string of US companies, from pharmaceutical firms to the restaurant chain Burger King, have announced plans in which merging with foreign firm allows them to shift their domicile – and tax burden – overseas.

It’s called “tax inversion,” or corporate inversion, because the official identity of the company flips overseas, even though the bulk of its operations and leadership may remain in the US...

Mark Trumbull

The US military moved its bombing campaign into Syria overnight Monday with the goal of destroying Islamic State headquarters and bases. In doing so, has it entered a new war?

The Pentagon’s actions overnight certainly look a lot like war, though the Pentagon calls it “military action” or “strikes” against IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL.

“I can confirm that US military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria using a mix of fighter, bomber, and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles,” Rear Adm. John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, said in a statement released as the campaign began.

This marks a considerable expansion of US operations against IS, and America’s first foray into Syria’s raging civil war...

Anna Mulrine

Will Apple end Beats Music or not? That is the question.

Monday, TechCrunch reported that Apple was planning to shut down Beats Music, an online music streaming service created by producer Jimmy Iovine and rapper Dr. Dre. Since the story broke, Apple's spokesman Tom Neumayr has announced, “This is not true.”

Apple bought Beats Electronics, known for its popular headphones, for $3 billion in May. Since then, Beats Music hasn’t done so well. While the exact number of users isn’t known, it’s believed that there are 250,000 paid subscribers to Beats Music. That’s far less than the industry giant Spotify’s 10 million paid subscribers and 30 million free users.

If Apple won't shut down Beats Music, then what will it do?...

Bryan Cronan

The NHL's Central Scouting Service has included at least three Alaskans on its preliminary list of players to watch for the 2015 draft.

All three are rated as "C'' prospects, which means they are considered prospects to be drafted in the latter rounds of the draft.

In any event, the three are defenseman Christian Hausinger of Anchorage, winger Tanner Schachle of Wasilla and goaltender Eric Schierhorn of Anchorage.

Hausinger, 17, plays for the NAHL's Odessa Jackalopes and has four assists in five games this season. He's committed to Sacred Heart, as is his brother, Kenny, 19, who also plays for Odessa and is tied for the league lead in scoring with 6-5--11 totals in five games...

Doyle Woody

For the first time since the late 1800s, a musk ox has been spotted by hunters in the western Canadian province of Manitoba.

An estimated 75,000 of these shaggy animals roam further north, but they were extirpated from Manitoba by an aggressive hunt for their fur and meat.

Named for their strong smell during the mating season, musk oxen usually travel in small groups. Their habits were different from those of the bison which congregated in massive herds. Both groups of animals were slaughtered to near extinction on the grasslands, called prairies, which span three provinces in western Canada...

Lynn Desjardins, Radio Canada International

An article in the science journal Nature published this week includes surprising findings about the Stone Age people who lived in central Sweden over 8,000 years ago: They had Siberian ancestors.

In the old narrative about the Stone Age Swedes, one population of hunter gatherers living in Europe slowly mixed with a population of farmers who slowly moved into the continent from the Middle East. But new DNA indicates that their ancestry was more complex.

Archaeologist Fredrik Hallgren and his colleagues conducted genetic tests on nine human remains of Stone Age people: One farmer from Germany, and hunter-gatherers from Luxemburg and Motala in central Sweden...

Radio Sweden

Wang Cheng-gi laughs nervously as he discusses the detailed new maps of the disputed South China Sea being drawn in his corner office at Taiwan’s Department of Land Administration.

He’s skittish because results of the $2.98 million project to map out the minutia of every islet in the resource-rich ocean south of Taiwan are still classified. But when completed in about a year, the maps could reshape Taiwan’s often-overlooked maritime claim against more powerful Asian governments...

Ralph Jennings

Google rolled out its latest doodle Tuesday. The illustrated romp through the woods celebrates foliage changing color and fall sweeping in. But why did Google post this doodle on September 23? Isn't the first day of autumn on September 22?

Yes and no...

Chris Gaylord

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a decision by the end of next year on whether to give Endangered Species Act protections to wolves dwelling in the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska under a legal settlement filed in federal court on Monday.

The settlement would resolve a lawsuit filed in June by conservation groups seeking Endangered Species Act listing for the Alexander Archipelago wolf , an animal the environmentalists say is losing habitat to logging and the construction of logging roads in Tongass National Forest...

Yereth Rosen

BETHEL -- For the second time this month, Bethel police are investigating what appears to be an abuse death of a dog.

The recent incident happened Thursday evening in Bethel’s Mission Lake area, near the center of town. Jessica and Xavier Villon say that neighborhood children told them their 3-year-old yellow Lab mix, Luke, was stabbed by a man who “went psycho.” But when the Villons saw Luke's lifeless body, they didn’t see any wounds or blood.

Maybe Luke was bludgeoned and it looked like a stabbing, Xavier Villon said. The children said the man was with a small, dark pit bull. The man went after the children's dogs, the children told the Villons, but ended up attacking Luke, who had gotten out of the Villons' yard earlier that evening...

Lisa Demer