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The importance of Alaska Native languages to culture, identity and individual well-being took center stage Monday as the First Alaskans Institute’s Elders and Youth Conference – the precursor to the biggest Native gathering of the year – began in Anchorage.

Vibrant colors, playful fun. Anyone can do it.
Come party with the Anchorage Men's Project!
Party like it's 1517!
Dr. Suzanne Lorenz teaches in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at UAA. Her research focusses on mapping dark matter with weak gravitational lensing
Free Halloween carnival for the whole family.
One in every two women in Alaska is a victim of domestic violence. Come together as a community of faith to hold a prayer service for everyone involved. We will conclude the service by releasing lanterns of hope in the Park Strip.
Group show curated by artists Garry Kaulitz and Lowell Zercher responding to the theme of Denial. Pieces include some form of transfer art and includes multiple artists from the Alaska art community.
New landscapes by Fairbanks painter Sarah DeGennaro feature wild spaces of Alaska's Interior painted while on camping trips.
The Alaska Outdoors host easy to moderate social hikes, every Monday and Thursday. Please join us for our public hikes to meet new people and exercise!


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