In the summer of 2004, a Vermont-sized patch of Alaska burned in wildfires. That hazy summer was the most extreme fire year in the half-century people have kept records.Ned Rozell
The National Park Service is reminding procrastinators that the entry period for the 2015 Denali road lottery, which takes place (weather permitting) on September 17, 18, 20, and 21 (Thursday, Friday,Sunday and Monday), is open through Saturday, May 31, 2015. 
A broad swath of Alaska, already under a steady stream of fire weather warnings for about a week, can expect conditions to remain hazardous through the Memorial Day weekend and into next week, a National Weather Service Forecaster said.Megan Edge
It must be summer in Alaska; the 135-mile Denali Highway is open to the public for the season. Megan Edge
High winds and low humidity have prompted forecasters to warn of dangerous fire conditions through a broad swath the Interior Alaska and Copper River Valley.Megan Edge
In my view, whitefish are better eating than grayling. Their meat is firmer. Grayling are spring spawners and tend to be mushy well into June. John Schandelmeier
Two men were rescued Monday in Alaska's Denali National Park and Preserve after triggering a slab avalanche on Mount Dickey.Laurel Andrews
Golden Valley Electric Association is moving forward with a 2.4-mile high-voltage transmission line to Clear Air Station in response to an Air Force request for saving money. The project is expected to finish by October.Associated Press
One of the scientists wonders if the pendants are signs of women at the Mead site. The ice age sites scattered throughout Interior Alaska are often hilltops or cliff sides used by hunters, presumably men.Ned Rozell
Low snow conditions almost everywhere, except Denali Highway country, made winter easier than normal. Nelchina caribou travel far between their summer range in the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains and their winter habitat near the Canadian border.  John Schandelmeier
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