When you live in Alaska, where does your food come from? Where does your kid's school lunch come from? Ninety-five percent of the time, the answer is a barge. And some are hoping to change that.Melissa Griffiths
Two Juneau men were cited Friday after authorities noticed them smoking marijuana in the parking lot of the local Alaska State Troopers post. Alaska Dispatch News
A subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday cut an additional $6 million from the system's $152 million unrestricted general fund budget.Pat Forgey
The Haines cast members got to know each other in ways that busy small–town life rarely affords, thanks to the intimacy even a pretend family creates.  Heather Lende
Thanks to a rerouting of the jet stream resulting from a melting Arctic, Eaglecrest, like most ski areas in the western part of North America, is suffering its worst season ever. Perhaps the word “season” is too generous. Non-season is more like it.Katie Bausler
The noisiest places found so far in the world’s oceans are some of the most scenic – saltwater fjords where glaciers drop chunks of blue-white ice, according to newly published data collected in Alaska and Antarctica.Yereth Rosen
Border station hours between the Southeast Alaska community of Hyder and British Columbia's Stewart will be reduced, the Canadian Border Services Agency announced this week, and residents of both towns are unhappy.Laurel Andrews
In cornering me on the dock, Carl effectively cracked that measuring stick over his knee and forced me to remember that in a society where gender, power and violence are all connected, even the strongest fisherman’s vulnerability is never quite as distant as she’d like to imagine.Tele Aadsen
The festival is family-friendly and offers activities for both birders and non-birders alike, including field trips, seminars, kids’ activities, evening banquets, cultural events, a bird-banding demonstration, and an art display.
A 23-year-old Haines man will spend three months behind bars for killing a sow and its cubs in August 2014 after finding them going through his trash.Megan Edge
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