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The more than decade-long battle over a road out of Juneau has been fought in court, in the Legislature and city assemblies and at the ballot box. Now it is being fought with dueling studies.Pat Forgey
Get the training you need to survive emergencies at sea
Juneau Police say they arrested a 24-year-old Minnesota man wanted on a warrant for a probation violation related to an attempted murder conviction.Jerzy Shedlock
A 49-year-old Ketchikan man died after shooting his gun in the air then apparently going back into his burning home, Alaska State Troopers said.Jerzy Shedlock
The Tulsequah River flows from Canada into the Taku River, a major salmon-producing river in Southeast Alaska. Now, a recently announced proposal to potentially barge ore concentrates from a mining prospect upriver is worrying some in the area.Pat Forgey

When World War II threatened the Aleutian Islands, the indigenous Aleut people were displaced from their homes, abruptly and without adequate explanation.

Eva Holland
In remarks to the Alaska Miners Association Wednesday, a Canadian official said the Aug. 4 Mount Polley tailings dam breach could result in criminal penalties but appeared not to have had a big impact on fish. He also criticized a voter initiative, passed this week, that represents yet another setback for the Pebble prospect.Yereth Rosen
A 4.8-magnitude earthquake -- felt as far away as Juneau -- struck a remote are of Glacier Bay National Park west of Haines Wednesday morning, earthquake-monitoring agencies said.Alaska Dispatch News
In the Southeast Alaska town of Haines, a pair of powder-loving entrepreneurs hope to capitalize on location and community support to help their fledgling company grow into a sustainable local business.Sean Doogan
While humans in the Last Frontier put the studs on their cars and indulge in fall activities, park rangers at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve say porcupines there are keeping busy in their own way.Megan Edge


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