Sitka search crews on Tuesday recovered the body of city building official William Stortz, 62, who died in a massive landslide a week ago.Pat Forgey
Crowding, garbage and careless behavior around a popular Southeast Alaska bear-viewing site have some tourists vowing never to return -- and some locals vowing to seek improvements.Tom Morphet | Chilkat Valley News
Searchers have recovered a second body from the site of a massive Sitka landslide that engulfed a house Tuesday. Pat Forgey

Heavy rains have caused landslides and a sinkhole in Sitka on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

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Hydaburg, a rainforest town of 400 on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, is on a mission. It’s leading a resurgence in Haida culture, churning out new totem poles, running a carving school and designing a traditional long house.Paula Dobbyn
The specter of the Mount Polley mine breach a year ago looms with five open-pit mines at various stages of completion in British Columbia -- mines located near rivers that flow into Alaska.  Steve Quinn
Smaller cruise lines fill a niche for those interested in an active family journey that, over the course of eight or more days, becomes the destination while supporting some lesser-known Southesat Alaska communities. Erin Kirkland
Six members of the Brown family, stars of the popular "Alaskan Bush People," were issued citations for allegedly lying on hunting licenses about their state residencies. Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska Crossings' clinical staff oversees therapeutic aspects of the 64-day program as field guides lead at-risk youth on hiking, canoeing and camping trips in the lush forests and pristine bays of Tongass National Forest surrounding the small island community of Wrangell.Shane Castle

A sightseeing tour boat captain recently caught a pod of orcas toying with a Steller sea lion as a precursor to a meal in waters outside of Juneau.

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