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Top Canadian environmental officials have rejected calls from Southeast Alaska for a new, more thorough environmental review of a mine that may threaten jointly targeted salmon stocks.Pat Forgey
The provision, included within a defense bill, passed Congress late last week. It represents a compromised worked out by Sen. Lisa Murkowski and is intended to make final the land claims owed to Southeast tribes under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.Associated Press
Politics were put aside for the afternoon in Juneau as new Gov. Bill Walker hosted the public for the 100th open house at the Governor's Mansion, with 25,000 cookies and 280 pounds of fudge on hand for the occasion.Pat Forgey
The 31-year-old Sitka resident became separated from his group while cutting Christmas trees, triggering a several-hour search that involved multiple agencies before he was found safe, Alaska State Troopers said.Alaska Dispatch News
I've learned more about graceful movement and gentleness from their actions than from anything I've ever read about them. By being in a 13-foot inflatable skiff and having a 40-foot female swim three feet underneath my feet, I've learned more about forbearance and delicacy than I have from anything published by Greenpeace.John Straley
The more than decade-long battle over a road out of Juneau has been fought in court, in the Legislature and city assemblies and at the ballot box. Now it is being fought with dueling studies.Pat Forgey
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Juneau Police say they arrested a 24-year-old Minnesota man wanted on a warrant for a probation violation related to an attempted murder conviction.Jerzy Shedlock
A 49-year-old Ketchikan man died after shooting his gun in the air then apparently going back into his burning home, Alaska State Troopers said.Jerzy Shedlock
The Tulsequah River flows from Canada into the Taku River, a major salmon-producing river in Southeast Alaska. Now, a recently announced proposal to potentially barge ore concentrates from a mining prospect upriver is worrying some in the area.Pat Forgey


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