Daniel Henry, a member of the Skagway Assembly, plans to plead guilty to federal charges of willfully failing to file tax returns, and has to pay back more than $600,000 to the government as part of a plea deal. Jerzy Shedlock
Despite being subjected to the environmental and health risks of upstream mining projects in Canada, Alaskans have no say in their approval. Which is why thousands of Alaskans have been clamoring about them. Brendan Jones
I like to think that reading John Steinbeck's words imprinted on me the first intense love of place that I have kept alive all my life. Some places have charisma to shape stories and draw storytellers to them. Sitka is such a place.John Straley
A type of big, deep-ocean fish rarely seen at the water’s surface was found washed ashore Thursday in Gustavus in Southeast Alaska, the National Park Service reported.Yereth Rosen
A former Ketchikan resident was sentenced Monday in Juneau federal court to 10 years in prison for his part in shipments of methamphetamine to the Southeast Alaska town from Las Vegas.Jerzy Shedlock
Former Alaskan Mary Emerick weaves a lyrical story of remote landscapes. The rhythm of her writing is so lulling, it’s impossible not to read sentences out loud, marveling at the sound.Cinthia Ritchie
Studio Incamminati, a four year school for contemporary realism in Philadelphia, founded by renowned artist Nelson Shanks, is offering an "In Your Town" Oil Painting Portrait Workshop in Haines, AK June 20-24, with instructor JaFang Lu. 
Jacques had a pretty darn good life -- made it all the way to 113 in dog years. That's 16, by human standards.Katie Bausler
When 200 million metric tons of rock tumbled down a remote Southeast Alaska mountain in October, nobody was around to see it. But thanks to a beefed-up seismic network and a new system that can distinguish landslides from earthquakes, scientists knew it had happened.Yereth Rosen
There's only one thing that scares me more than getting lost in the woods, and that's getting lost in the woods with six children. Libby Bakalar
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