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OPINION: Young's comments don't help, but the deeper issue is our need to think differently about suicide -- and create the care that prevents it.Chris Cavanaugh
OPINION: I don't approve of marijuana use for myself or my family, but I don't believe the dire warnings of those advocating to keep pot illegal in contradiction of the principles of liberty our country and state were founded on.Arthur Keyes
OPINION: This year, the Alaska Judicial Council has take the rare step of recommending that voters not retain one state judge.Dave Parker
LETTERS:Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: In denigrating Ballot Measure 2, Frank Murkowski did an about-face from his record of sticking up for a small government that didn’t interfere in the lives of its citizens.David Phifer
OPINION: Mayor Dan Sullivan and other old-guard politicians have hung out Anchorage's "closed for business" sign, and are demonstrating that our city does not welcome innovation.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Gay marriage is no threat to the world; the governor would be wiser to recognize its benefits and remember we're a secular state.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Alaska's first lady Sandy Parnell stands by her husband's actions in addressing Alaska National Guard scandal.Sandy Parnell


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