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OPINION: Corporate marijuana industry is a bad business. Let co-ops and clubs provide taxed and tested pot at a reasonable price.Dean Guaneli
OPINION: You want a long-shot bet? What are the chances Kodiak family members who didn't even know they were family would find out over a Super Bowl pool in a Cordova bar last year?  Anjuli Grantham
OPINION: Public needs to see whole picture of halibut's decline and what's being done about it.Chris Woodley
OPINION: Greenland's dreams of big money from oil have, so far, been dashed by economic realities, but there is potential for growth in sales of another precious liquid -- water -- as long as sources remain pure and unpolluted.Mia Bennett
OPINION: Alaska sets a poor precedent by allowing a blatant abuse of halibut stocks and the people who depend on them.David Bayes
OPINION: All of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place to protect, not a place to drill for oil.Darby Stanchfield
OPINION: Bill to change Judicial Council aims to restore balance and public control, not impose religious views.Sen. Pete Kelly
OPINION: Don’t let politicians make decisions about cannabis legalization and control based on uninformed opinions and outdated fears. Don’t let our gains be lost.Cole Hollister
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