For a time, the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines consisted of a concrete cornerstone and nothing else. The University of Alaska celebrated the centennial of its most important stone Monday.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Celebration of diversity is fine, but let's not confuse celebration with genuine equality; the evidence is clear that we're not there yet.E.J.R. David
OPINION: Paul Jenkins misses the mark on racism, guns and grace. Wanda V. Laws
OPINION: If GOP lawmakers see the light on Medicaid expansion, they'll see a much-needed economic boost for Alaska.Rep. Les Gara
OPINION: Walker's recent decisions cast doubt on his leadership, shake Alaskans' trust.Suzanne Downing
OPINION: Delay of oil tax credits gains the state nothing and makes life harder for job-producing oil companies. Where's the sense in that?Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The Supreme Court decision isn't a declaration of war on conservative Christianity or any other religion. It's an extension of American freedom.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Recent argument against King Cove road is an exercise in self-interest, not conservation.Henry Mack
OPINION: The day your dad comes home from the war is a day you never forget. Francis Gallela
OPINION: Decades after the act, an Alaskan remembers an Afghan man's decency in rescuing an old American flag from raghood.Ken Landfield
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