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OPINION: Alaska has plenty of reason to celebrate National Public Lands Day. Please consider bringing your family and lending a hand.Steve Cleary
OPINION: Because a significant portion of Alaska’s health care bill is paid by public sector programs, making care more affordable, proactive and efficient is prudent public policy.Diane Kaplan
OPINION: We deplore the partisan effort to deprive Alaska voters of a choice between the actions of the Parnell administration and the opportunity for a new beginning that the Walker-Mallott team offers.Bruce Botelho,Stephen McAlpine
OPINION: Adrian Peterson could learn from a father who never struck his children.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Muldoon has waited long enough for a first-rate park of its own, so spare us the sprawl and give us the space.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Whatever else we make of Charlo Greene quitting with an f-bomb in the middle of a live TV news broadcast, it's clear she was angry.Craig Medred
OPINION: Michael Carey offers an elegy for an always frank candidate from the fringe.Michael Carey
ANALYSIS: The timeline for getting natural gas to Fairbanks has slipped and several obstacles remain to be cleared before a state plan to liquefy natural gas for trucking to the Interior becomes a reality.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Alaska Board of Game's failure to provide leadership on hunting ethics is a breach of their responsibility to the public.Vic Van Ballenberghe
OPINION: The values or ethics of the National Park Service should not trump those of local Alaskans who request their hunting practices be recognized by the Alaska Board of Game.Elaina Spraker


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