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OPINION: If it weren't for so many good people watching out for us, people like myself who often leave behind valuable or expensive things would probably even lose ourselves.Frank E. Baker
Australian-based Buccaneer, now in bankruptcy, drilled exploratory Cook Inlet wells in places larger companies ignored -- and met with some success.Tim Bradner
OPINION: If Alaska builds the road to Ambler, it would not receive enough of a return on its investment and would be risking renewable resources that we all depend on, whether for pictures, float trips, survival, or general recreational activities.P.J. Simon
OPINION: Columnist Paul Jenkins argues that Mark Begich faces an uphill fight - but not if a third candidate divides the conservative opposition.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Muldoon doesn’t need another strip mall. We need a designated space to enjoy nature and renew our spirits, physically and emotionally. Money has already been appropriated, so when will our neighborhood get its due?Mary Jones
OPINION: After 30 years of experience in and around the oil and gas industry, I think SB 21 deserves repeal. It should have tied tax reductions to direct investment in four key geological areas on Alaska's North Slope, instead of giving breaks on existing fields and not requiring reinvestment in Alaska.Bill Walker
OPINION: Columnist Shannyn Moore says former AG Dan Sullivan is trying to rewrite his history on Alaska gun law.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Sure, President Warren G. Harding's love letters to his mistress were overheated, but were they illegal? Maybe so. Throughout history, and even in Alaska, American lawmakers have not been timid about clamping down on behavior they find offensive to the health of the republic.Michael Carey
OPINION: Alan Boraas argues that we need to understand that the oil industry's purpose is profit from Alaska, not progress for Alaska.Alan Boraas


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