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OPINION: Alaskans, ever unpredictable in the ballot box, have not disappointed in 2014.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Governor-elect Walker should remember his convictions and show a healthy regard for those who didn't vote for him.Kevin Clarkson
OPINION: Amid the dark-money tidal wave of lies and distortions that swept Alaska airwaves this election, one betrayal was especially painful.Sean McGuire
OPINION: Plummeting oil prices mean Gov.-elect Walker will need a sharp knife and a steady hand.  Brad Keithley
OPINION: As we approach a season of giving thanks, it is important to show our appreciation for those among us who give their time, talent and treasure to change the world with a giving heart.Beth Rose
OPINION: In Alaska, the Nome City Council is moving forward with a plan to end tax exemptions for churches, making it the first American town to tax the church.Michael Stone | Patheos
OPINION: The Bureau of Land Management must hold industry to the highest possible standards to protect America’s high-value public lands.Nicole Whittington-Evans
OPINION: It's time to see the access plan in front of the Anchorage Assembly for what it is -- a needed step to address legitimate concerns.Rosa Meehan
OPINION: Republicans now have control of both the House and the Senate, and it should be interesting to see what they have planned besides more gridlock.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Rather than using public funds for improving maps for Alaska pilots, priority should be placed on additional weather reporting.Tom George,Adam White,Harry Kieling


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