OPINION: Alaskans are starting to understand the new economic reality this state is facing. And with a change in fishery management policies, Alaska's fishing industry could help fuel the future.Erik Huebsch
OPINION: What are the prospects for any proposed solution passing the Legislature? The answers are found in the response to a few contentious questions involving the Permanent Fund earnings and a state income tax.John Havelock
OPINION: Successive legislatures have ignored the need to replace revenue lost to dwindling oil production and have changed oil taxes, sometimes reducing oil revenue productivity. The result: the budget crisis grows. The solutions are mostly obvious, but is the political system up to it? John Havelock
OPINION: Without adding to the federal debt, the POWER Act will help create an army of lawyers to defend victims of abuse.Sen. Dan Sullivan
OPINION: Those of us who abhor political correctness, seeing it as a bald attack on free speech and individual freedoms, understand that despite the kiddies’ foot-stomping there is no right to be safe or not be annoyed.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Apparently it's not Alaska's destiny to build a gas line; it's Alaska's destiny to want a gas line.Michael Carey
OPINION: In a land as beautiful and culturally diverse as Alaska, our ability to connect with and truly help each other depends upon the understanding that our wants and needs may be uniquely different from those of people with different backgrounds than our own.Anna Thomas
OPINION: Who will Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan blame when a new president is elected next year? I don’t know. Maybe it will still be Obama’s fault.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Prohibiting cannabis clubs and canna-friendly business will result in unified opposition, widespread civil disobedience, needless litigation at the taxpayers' expense, and will delay the development of Alaska’s other-than-petroleum economy.Lindianne Sarno
OPINION: Reality-based politics requires eternal vigilance, and there’s going to be an increased push towards fanciful thinking in the coming several years. With the size of Alaska's fiscal challenge, how could there not be?Forrest Dunbar
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