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OPINION: As a younger person with a young family, I was totally and completely "all in" for Alaska’s future, and that's why I voted for oil tax reform. I want to explain that choice, and encourage fellow Alaskans to join me in voting no on Ballot Measure 1.Rep. Lance Pruitt
OPINION: After decades of making due at the cramped Wells Fargo Sports Complex, UAA athletics has moved into the gleaming new Alaska Airlines Center.Doyle Woody
OPINION: Alaska Senate President Charlie Huggins urges voters to vote no on the referendum of SB 21 because the laws are performing as intended to boost Alaska's oil production.Sen. Charlie Huggins
OPINION: Sure it's Alaska's oil but keeping it in the ground is not like keeping money in the bank. It would only be like that if the bank were 800 miles away and buried deep underground.Reed Christensen
OPINION: A Yes vote on Ballot Measure 1 will ensure that Alaskans retain control over development of the resource they own.Jim Sykes
OPINION: Those in favor of keeping SB21 would claim credit for the sun rising in the east if they thought it would buy your vote.Joe Paskvan
OPINION: One of the most misleading statements against the oil tax repeal effort is that increasing the amount of oil royalties collected by the state is the key to increasing the size of the annual Permanent Fund Dividend check.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Rep. Les Gara says a little-discussed provision of SB 21 is a needless gift to the North Slope producers. Rep. Les Gara
OPINION: Together, as men and women, we can collectively hope the mothers of the oil company executives are as interested in the future of Alaska's children as the fine “women legislators” are.Don Rearden


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