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OPINION: Labor ordinance is right for Anchorage; vote yes on referendum. Ernie Hall
OPINION: Mark Begich's response to criticism of his time as Anchorage's mayor are straight from the Democratic playbook.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: In a piece first published 28 years ago, Tim Troll argues that suicide is a critical problem in Alaska that deserves urgent attention from leaders. It could have been written yesterday.Tim Troll
OPINION: Young's wayward mouth reflects a man too far out of touch to represent Alaskans.Shannyn Moore
In any economy, some people can work for their neighbors -- fixing their roads, teaching their kids, selling them gas. But to bring anything in from outside, you need to have something that outsiders need.Erin McKittrick
OPINION: Studying the enforcement of marijuana laws in Alaska is difficult because the state does not yet have a comprehensive criminal justice data platform. But narrowing our focus can shed some light on the issue before voters on Nov. 4.Troy C. Payne
OPINION: The initiative to legalize marijuana has too many holes; Alaskans should vote no.Keith Mallard
OPINION: It's time to try a better approach to regulating marijuana, and we get that from Ballot Measure 2. It will have my vote on Nov. 4.Laurie Constantino
OPINION: Alaska's roll call of Republican women leaders gives the lie to Democrats' supposed "war on women." Drue Pearce
OPINION: The Knik Arm Bridge circus shows us why we need better information, an open process and more lawmakers of any party with guts and brains.Jamie Kenworthy


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