OPINION: Lawmakers talk about the grave fiscal crisis and how Alaskans better not get used to big dividend checks,  then run up bill in Seattle as if we were flush.Mike Dingman
At a time when money no longer appears to be falling from the sky, the state needs to economize on travel. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Letter shows that 100 years ago, Tanana chiefs wanted no part of a paternalistic system that would weaken freedom, family and tribal bonds in Alaska. Ross Coen
OPINION: Switch of Mat-Su elections to November may look efficient at first glance, but the problems far outweigh any gain.John Strasenburgh
OPINION: Commercial whaling is barbaric and unsustainable, but the whaling that sustains Alaska Natives in the Arctic is the honorable heart of a culture.Elise Patkotak
Alaska Dispatch News readers weigh in on the pressing issues of the day.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: If you plug inflation in the calculation -- and you can't provide an accurate picture without doing so -- the first dividend in 1982, $1,000, was worth more than the $2,072 this year. The same applies to the checks in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2008.Dermot Cole
OPINION: If Alaskans play it smart and pull together, we'll keep programs like the Medicaid waiver for the immeasurable good they do, cut fraud and waste and help to pay our own way.Shelly Vendetti-Vukovich
OPINION: Public lands day is Saturday, and a good time to volunteer for work on the trails we love.Steve Cleary
When Alaska voters created the Permanent Fund in 1976, no one expected that one day the fund would bankroll the most expensive program in state government: the Permanent Fund dividend program.Dermot Cole
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