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OPINION: Alaska NOW president says that some female lawmakers' claims as women and mothers ring false against their voting records.  Barbara McDaniel
OPINION: Frank Baker details the fruits of a curiosity that has spurred him and his wife to tour around town in search of the truly large, well-appointed dwellings in Anchorage and beyond.Frank Baker
OPINION: The U.S. government could help make a difference in people's lives and move forward on goals to foster clean energy by encouraging new technology across the Circumpolar North.David J. Hayes
OPINION: Nellie Lawing, whose exploits at her Kenai Lake lodge were once the talk of the town around the world, deserves to have a tombstone that matches her stalwart demonstration of Alaska's best spirit.Helen Hegener
OPINION: Shannyn Moore says Alaskans who voted yes on the defeated oil-tax referendum are still on the right side of history. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Paul Jenkins says the oil tax referendum's defeat was good but didn't end debate, and that Sullivan will need to be on his game against Begich in the race for U.S. Senate.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: When it comes to reducing trawler bycatch, there's apparently good money to be made in prolonging the problem.Joe Macinko
OPINION: Alaska looks like it'll be facing tighter budgets no matter what it decides to do with oil taxes, so our Legislature should just stop throwing money at improbable mega-projects.Pete Panarese
OPINION: While Alaska children have a good chance to get a balance between the two worlds of practical and abstract education, it's too bad that many children do not understand how good it feels to romp on a muddy beach dragging salmon from a net in the summer sunshine.Carey Restino
OPINION: The effects of child abuse will not go away until Alaska ends its epidemic.Alan Boraas


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