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OPINION: Alaska will work with North Slope producers, but we can't afford to leave our state's gas line decisions up to their boardrooms.Gov. Bill Walker
OPINION: Oil is old news; Alaska's future is in renewable energy.Eric Treider
OPINION: Establishing more wilderness area in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would help further Inupiat values more than new oil exploration would.Robert Thompson
OPINION: The first rule of school, as in so much else in life: You have to show up. Tasha Boyer
OPINION: UAA administration still hasn't given any good reasons for evicting the Tanaina Child Development Center.E.J.R. David,Don Rearden
COMMENT: Regulations most important to the sportsmen along Alaska's road system concern Unit 13, which has the heaviest hunting pressure of any area of the state.  Access to hunting in Unit 13 is relatively easy. All one needs is a truck and an ATV. Spider webs of trails cover most areas.John Schandelmeier
COMMENT: Alaskans who brush up on the paddling and rolling skills during the winter will be ready to roll once it warms up. And for fun, there kayak polo and bumper boats for students who develop and fine-tuning their ability in the cold months. Lisa Maloney
OPINION: Obama is right to keep U.S. out of deeper trouble in Middle East.John Havelock
OPINION: EPA was not out of line in its Bristol Bay assessment, nor in its response to Western Alaskans.Robert Heyano
OPINION: Too many of us shudder and then shrug at the bursts of violence that Alaska suffers, because as long as the violence is confined to "them," we don't feel threatened.Elise Patkotak
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