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OPINION: Alaskans gain by the high level of corporate philanthropy here, and ExxonMobil deserves special recognition.Diane Kaplan,Dennis McMillian
OPINION: A long-term view of economic investment in Alaska will compel me to say NO to Ballot Measure 1. Other military retirees should follow suit.Oscar J. Hall IV
OPINION: Independent oil producers will continue to play an important and growing role in Alaska's oil industry only if the majors continue to provide the backbone for the industry.Steve Denton
OPINION: The University of Alaska Board of Regents is flat-out wrong in trying to import a private, corporate model of CEO compensation into a public university. Hefty salaries and bonuses violate the promise that all state workers tacitly agree to in working on behalf of the public.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: It's already time for high school football -- seriously -- and it's a decent bet the usual suspects in the Cook Inlet Conference will flex their strength again.Doyle Woody
OPINION: The Legislature and our governor, whether it's Sean Parnell or not, must act on behalf of all Alaskans and develop a revised tax policy that is in our collective best interest. And unlike with SB21, they must clearly explain why its in the state's best interest.Rosa Meehan
OPINION: Keep SB21 in place. Our business has seen noticeable growth in the time Alaska's new production tax system has been in effect.Genevieve Schok Jr.
OPINION: Affordable Care Act gives a shot in the arm to neighborhood health centers in Alaska.Mary K. Wakefield
OPINION: After so much parroting in the oil tax debate, columnist Elise Patkotak takes comfort in her birds.Elise Patkotak


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