OPINION: The more Alaska talks about trying to find the perfect solution to its fiscal problems, the less likely we'll be able to save our economy. No matter what they do, elected officials must act, and they must feel support from Alaskans to do so.Fran Ulmer
OPINION: Police are not the best at policing themselves; Alaska should have an independent council to investigate complaints.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Gov. Bill Walker's Permanent Fund endowment proposal appears politically dead on arrival, plus, it's a departure from the fiscal ideas he campaigned on. So what is going on here?Aaron Lojewski
OPINION: Don Wright’s vision of private Native corporations as economic development engines has become a reality, but credit early Fairbanks business leaders with quickly grasping that. Tim Bradner
While the largest school districts did record somewhat higher scores than the statewide averages on the new state tests, some readers may get the the mistaken idea that the numbers tell a story of stellar performance. Dermot Cole
OPINION: If Legislature has some real leaders, they'll back the governor's Permanent Fund plan and take another look at oil taxes.Tara Jollie
OPINION: Chris Christie has it right -- if you will treat a lung cancer patient, then you should treat a drug addict. Mike Dingman
OPINION: If the young man shown in a surveillance video being repeatedly tased by Sitka police officers really wants some good to come out it all, he shouldn’t wait. He should get out into his community and give a firsthand account of how terrible the consequences of being slobbering drunk can be. Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Some historical sleuthing and help from the French consulate resolve an old family mystery, and provide a gravestone for a soldier of the war to end all wars. Ken Landfield
With enough money in the budget, it’s easier for the branches of the university to act as if they are independent operators sealed off from each other with walls that Donald Trump would envy. Dermot Cole
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