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OPINION: The Knik Arm Bridge circus shows us why we need better information, an open process and more lawmakers of any party with guts and brains.Jamie Kenworthy
OPINION: It was pointless for Rep. Don Young to get in a lather about whether suicide is an illness or a disease. This was not medical school. It was high school.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Joe Balash responds to Bill Walker's recent opinion piece contrasting his approach to LNG development with Gov. Parnell’s.Joe Balash
OPINION: Financial benefits to the shareholders of Alaska Native corporations are important, but providing them does not show a Native corporation has succeeded.Morgan X’agatkeen Howard
OPINION: Lifelong Republican and longtime Alaska lawmaker Rick Halford sees a better future for Alaska in Bill Walker.Rick Halford
OPINION: No one should be surprised that a group of Alaska reality TV fakers has been charged with receiving Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend checks without qualifying for them.Craig Medred
OPINION: Afterschool programs help youngsters learn, live and thrive for years down the road.Ciara Johnson

OPINION: We should demand more of Senate candidate Dan Sullivan than hyperbole and sound bites.

Pat Race,Alaska Robotics
OPINION: Young's comments don't help, but the deeper issue is our need to think differently about suicide -- and create the care that prevents it.Chris Cavanaugh
OPINION: I don't approve of marijuana use for myself or my family, but I don't believe the dire warnings of those advocating to keep pot illegal in contradiction of the principles of liberty our country and state were founded on.Arthur Keyes


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