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OPINION: The central issue at stake in paying down Alaska's unfunded employee pension funds is not so much whether we pay down the liability quickly but whether we fairly and appropriately balance all the state's financial commitments.Angela M. Rodell,Curtis Thayer
OPINION: The solution for ending youth homelessness is housing and employment, and young people must have support at the critical time they decide to turn their lives around and leave the streets.Michael P. Carson
OPINION: Alaska better think twice about mega road projects, because Uncle Sam won't be picking up the tab.Lois Epstein
OPINION: Recently expressed fears that taking Alaska Native lands into federal trust could somehow negate elements of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act are unfounded.Jenny Bell-Jones
Alaska's most ignorant fisheries are now underway at the mouths of the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. It's time dipnetters learned what they're catching and what the rules are.Craig Medred
OPINION: It is important that the dilemma of outdoor cats be understood within the context of the larger issue of the many non-native species transported and released by humans into sensitive environments.Michael Haukedalen
OPINION: Democracy requires three things, transparency, accountability and participation, and Alaska's government badly needs to protect these three basic necessities in its process to regulate fish and wildlife habitat.Bob Shavelson
OPINION: Alaska's history is falling away before our very eyes, and we can all have a small part in preserving it.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The federal immigration process is so complex with bureaucratic nonsense that it's no wonder so many people decide to “jump the fence” rather than run the gauntlet.John Connor
OPINION: If it weren't for so many good people watching out for us, people like myself who often leave behind valuable or expensive things would probably even lose ourselves.Frank E. Baker


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