OPINION: Beacon Hill program is at work helping to keep Alaska's children safe while keeping families together -- and we can all help.Donna Walker,Charity Carmody
OPINION: The group Alaska's Future wants to use earnings of the Permanent Fund to shield against taxes for the well-off. They should be calling for tough cuts and a progressive income tax.John Havelock
OPINION: So many immigrants paid bitter dues as the "other," but in the end America's promise prevailed. Let's keep the promise today.Elise Patkotak
It's time to stop the repeated claims that all we have to do is cut the state general fund budget to $4.5 billion and we will have a "sustainable budget" with no need for new taxes or cuts to the Permanent Fund dividend.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Anchorage volunteers come together to give medical care to those who can't afford much outside the emergency room.Charlene Spadafore Vassar
OPINION: The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program is a tremendous success, but that doesn't justify altering Mount Edgecumbe High School.Candace Schaack
Alaska’s fantasy megaprojects and white elephants have cost us billions that could have cushioned the transition to the post-oil era and reduced our future taxes.Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Alaskans know better than most that you can protect the public without sacrificing liberty. Civil asset forfeiture is wrong and we must do better.Kevin Fitzgerald
OPINION: Once you’ve made it through the earthquake in one piece, what next? Planning.Carey Restino
OPINION: Eight years ago Alaskans were swept up in Super Tuesday activities, but the chance to caucus is still important. You should get involved. We still need hope and change.Shannyn Moore
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