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OPINION: Medicaid expansion is a good idea for Alaska, but only if feds make good on their commitment and the state tightens its rules and cuts costs.Rachael Petro
OPINION: Sen. Lisa Murkowski gets Interior Secretary Sally Jewell's attention with threat to put Interior on a shorter leash. It's about time.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The boardroom that will drive the Alaska LNG project forward is not in Houston or London; it’s in Gov. Walker's office.Cathy Giessel
OPINION: Your basic tuning fork has a greater command of the facts than the UAA prioritization exercise. Let there be music.Mark Wolbers
OPINION: Alaska budget hawks looking to trim the fat would do well to examine one element of Alaska's university system in particular.Alan Boraas
OPINION: Tuesday, Feb. 24, is a big day for Alaska cannabis users. Let's make sure it's a good day for everybody.Dr. Tim Hinterberger,Bruce Schulte
OPINION: Even something as simple as unpaid utility bills can force a struggling family out on the street. Let's make Anchorage a community where we've got that covered.Jennifer Miller
OPINION: ANWR remains off limits but we'll have oil and gas development in the Arctic Ocean, so Alaska better make sure to get its share of the revenue. Steve Haycox
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