Craig Medred

The good news is that the National Weather Service is forecasting the return of winter with substantial snow Thursday night and Friday. Craig Medred
OPINION: Some people might be naïve enough to believe Bill Fulton's new story about what happened at an Anchorage middle school during the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign of Alaska Republican Joe Miller, but I'm not.Craig Medred
OPINION: The CNN talk show host can conduct an unhinged interview with every Texan in the world, and he'll still be crazy to suggest European-style gun control is even possible in the US, let alone a way to reduce violence.Craig Medred
Do the number of guns owned legally in a community make it more violent or safer? Who knows? In the middle of this tragedy-colored gun debate, the lamestream media is leading the charge with its butt-stock forward.Craig Medred
Many are dying of gun violence in our inner cities, but most of the dead are black men -- and that's a problem sadly below America's radar screen.Craig Medred
Alaska skiers' lament: According to the National Weather Service, the bottom of Mount Alyeska south of Anchorage has seen a total of just 40.9 inches of snow this year, compared to 107 inches a year ago.Craig Medred
OPINION: It boggles the mind, but Newtown isn't the worst school killing in U.S. history. All eyes on Sandy Hook, deadly violence is on the rise in the hearts of some American cities. Is gun control the answer or will it outlaw guns leaving only outlaws with guns?Craig Medred
'Astonishing' California survival story serves as a reminder to those searching for missing adventurer Thomas Seibold that rescues can be extraordinarily difficult. Craig Medred
With a decision over Chitina salmon dipnetting, the Alaska Supreme Court has thrown a new twist into the old and often heated disagreement over subsistence harvest of fish and wildlife.Craig Medred
Commercial fishing interests are demanding that Alaska's political leaders  -- who love to beat on the feds -- do something about the requirement to use observers on commercial boats under 60 feet.Craig Medred
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