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Alaskans remember William Seward as the secretary of state who bought Alaska for $7.2 million, but acquiring Russian claims to America's Northwest was only one of his many important achievements.Mike Dunham

Barrow slowly eases into winter as days become shorter and snow makes an appearance in late September. Here's a tour of the nation's northernmost town.

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This is a good year to buy airline tickets with your Permanent Fund dividend. Delta and Alaska Airlines are offering excellent fares from Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks to the Lower 48.Scott McMurren
Here are a few tips our family discovered on our first Denali National Park autumn road adventure that made the weekend go a little more smoothly. Erin Kirkland

The University of Alaska Museum of the North opened an exhibit dedicated to dinosaurs in Alaska in May. It has teeth, skeletons and tracks of the extinct reptiles and their contemporaries that have never been seen by the public before. “Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs” is the first show of its kind at the museum and, as such, “fairly monumental,” said Earth sciences curator Patrick Druckenmiller.

Mike Dunham
The dominant political message in Alaska may be about economics, but Obama consistently focused primarily on the environment during his trip, frustrating some politicians but bringing crucial truths into the public eye.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Anchorage is ready to play its part in the wise opening of the Arctic region.Mayor Ethan Berkowitz

Art Wolfe, host of the PBS series "Travels to the Edge," was leading a workshop in Katmai National Park when he experimented with his GoPro and captured video of bright-red sockeye salmon. 

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Flying in Denali National Park and Preserve today is characterized by a sense of collaboration and information sharing that has brought a small group of companies and pilots together.

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Bryan Keith, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, visited the Kenai Peninsula in June 2015 to earn his floatplane pilot rating. During his downtime, he and fellow pilot/filmmaker Shane McClafferty took the opportunity to film the incredible landscape.

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