Are Alaskans so unique that our six-word memoirs are singular?Alaska Dispatch News
Missionaries were advocates for Alaska Natives in a time when many white people viewed them as subhuman. Yet these same missionaries ultimately sought to make Natives white in all but skin tone. David A. James
Alaska authors will be present at a number of events during Alaska Book Week, Oct. 3-10.Mike Dunham
“The Luck of the Karluk” makes the case that this story deserves inclusion among the epics of Arctic calamities. A longer telling than that offered by this new book might have been appreciated, but the brevity and style make it suitable for young adult readers. David A. James
'Jimmy Bluefeather' is a superb addition to Alaska — indeed, American — literature.  With enough readership, Old Keb Wisting could become as beloved a character as “To Kill a Mockingbird’s” Atticus Finch. Nancy Lord
The claim that until the formation of the National Endowment for the Arts, art was only for the "elites," flounders on recollections of Alaska 50 years ago, a life without regular plumbing but surrounded by art.Mike Dunham
This book is what happens when a survivalist manifesto is written by a proponent of nonviolence and animal rights. The beliefs that violence should be avoided at all costs and that other animals have many or all of the same rights as people are civilized concepts that certainly won’t survive an apocalypse.Rick Sinnott
Running Fox Books site offers a carefully selected collection of some of the best works presently available of Alaska's best writers, chosen by a small committee of some better-known scribes, along with links to where they can be obtained.  David A. James
The death of longtime Alaska Children’s Choir director Janet Stotts on April 26 left the future of the group in doubt but an alumna of the choir, Jessie Eddings, has stepped in and as of Sept. 2, is the new owner of the ACC.Mike Dunham
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