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The book becomes a much-needed elucidation of how difficult achieving a murder conviction can be. It puts a human face on the investigators who strive to build an airtight case before making an arrest.David A. James
In his new book "Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak," author Andy Hall recounts the 1967 expedition on Mount McKinley led by Joe Wilcox in which seven young men died.Mike Dunham
A sci-fi writer from Homer, Alaska, will be honored at the Nebula Awards on May 17, not for his own writing, but for his long service to other writers.Mike Dunham
Author Kim Heacox shines a new light on the northern travels of well-regarded naturalist John Muir, who made the first of his Alaska visits in 1879.Colleen Mondor
I will believe my new book is done when it is in my hand, about a year from now. It's called “Finding the Good,” and is about how writing obituaries and rearing a big family has taught me to look for and find the good in people and situations.Heather Lende
Olen Steinhauer has penned a high-stakes international thriller that expertly blends dubious government behavior with memorable characters.Erik Spanberg
A national writers conference in Seattle gave a rare opportunity for Alaska authors to consider the direction of the state's literary future, including the increasingly airbrushed view many have of the Last Frontier, thanks to reality TV.Colleen Mondor
An author and journalist from Alaska's past as well as its present, Joe McGinniss has died due to complications related to prostate cancer.Alaska Dispatch
A Fairbanks teen illustrator is receiving a national honor for her drawings next month in Hollywood.Megan Edge


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