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Let's hope that no readers of “Hold the Dark” leave Giraldi’s parable of nature gone wild thinking that Alaskans are inbred, superstitious, booger-eating, merciless murderers. There’s little to like or relate to in the beings that populate this book.      Nancy Lord
Troy Hamon's book "14 Days to Alaska" will have any pilot reliving their early days of flying, from the uncertainty and shakiness to the occasional heart-pumping moment of terror.Colleen Mondor
At the remote and seldom-visited Aleutian island of Kiska, the signs of war are still apparent. It's amazing so few know that Japan invaded and occupied the island for more than a year.  David A. James
Three new, helpfully short and well-illustrated history books from the University of Alaska Press cast light on important but often overlooked aspects of Alaska history. Mike Dunham
'Dead Reckoning' describes the perils of the sea and those who work on it.David A. James
The 14 short stories are remarkable in their quality, variety and inventiveness. These are stories that matter.Nancy Lord
Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end — I must believe it — just like a salmon, I will know how to die, and though I die, though I lose my life, nature wins. Nature endures.Eva Saulitis


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