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Radio personality and former Miss Alaska Amalia "Malie" Delgado ended her run on the final season of "American Idol" Thursday night. Alaska Dispatch News
Andy King echoed what seems to be a popular sentiment from normal Alaskans who find themselves on reality TV. Emily Fehrenbacher
The day after the tape was made, the two lawmakers left Anchorage in a small plane headed for Juneau. The plane and all those aboard vanished, and no sign of them has ever been found.Mike Dunham
Workshops are scheduled for Juneau, Sitka, Nome and Bethel for artists wanting to apply for Rasmuson grants.Mike Dunham
Artists interpret high-resolution ecology photos, family-friendly "Over the River" opens at ACT and the Met's splashy "Turandot" comes to the big screen.Mike Dunham
“Wild West Alaska” is a seemingly scripted program that is way less about the store featured on the show and way more about the staff going on contrived adventures gone wrong. It’s so bad that it’s almost good.Emily Fehrenbacher
A year after several sold-out showings in Anchorage, "The Great Alone" is scheduled to play in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Wasilla.Suzanna Caldwell
The winning entry in a Norwegian film contest by two former rural Alaska journalists touches on the complexities and challenges of life in the only Arctic U.S. state -- framed around the climate, the people and the economy -- all in under three minutes.Lisa Demer

Next week, Anchorage will get another wood-fired pizza restaurant with the opening of Hearth. But owner Jon Campabello wants it to be more than that.

Suzanna Caldwell
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