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A Nome woman has been charged with illegally killing a musk ox earlier this month, underscoring the community's growing problem with nuisance musk oxen wandering close to town.Matthew F. Smith | KNOM

Every year thousands of Alaska residents migrate to the sandy beaches at the mouth of the Kenai River to participant in the personal use dipnetting fishery.

Bill Roth
A proposed short stretch near the University of Alaska Anchorage accommodates cars, pedestrians and cyclists. But what about moose on the move?Rick Sinnott
Only about 8,000 of a needed minimum of 15,000 spawning king salmon were in Alaska's famed Kenai River by Thursday.  The latest computer projection puts the expected return at just 13,000 to 14,000 fish -- even with further catches eliminated. Craig Medred
Cody Roman Dial of Anchorage has been missing in the wilds of a Costa Rican national park for about two weeks. The lack of a detailed route plan from the 27-year-old is hampering search efforts.   Craig Medred


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