The intention of Seeking the Source is to collect a history of the trail and the neighborhoods that surround it. Eight artists have converged to contribute in their own ways to mapping the trail.

Tara Young
Here's some ways to get your kids outdoors in the coming days.Alaska Dispatch News
As Alaska kids tick off their final days of school, an entire summer of nature-themed adventures awaits within Alaska’s national parks. Erin Kirkland
Over Memorial Day weekend last year, thousands watched nervously as the Funny River Fire burned its way through the Kenai Peninsula. Though the human impacts were ultimately minimal, emergency responders say they learned plenty of lessons about modern-day disaster response.Megan Edge

Thanks to a grant from Explore.org as well as other private donations, the once-popular Round Island “walrus cam” is back online after losing funding nearly a decade ago. 

Alaska Dispatch News
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