One of the more unexpectedly mesmerizing bits of Mother Nature is the way air collects under ice, moving along with the flow of water below.

Bob Hallinen
The world's most famous sled dog race is putting some more cold cash into the hands of its top mushers. The winner of next year's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race will pocket $70,000, which is $19,600 more than what the top musher received last year, Stan Hooley, the race's executive director, said Tuesday.Mark Thiessen | Associated Press

A hobbled moose in an Anchorage neighborhood is making its way around on three legs, and officials with the Department of Fish and Game warn citizens not to feed the moose, even if they'd like to.

Megan Edge
Alyeska may finally be opening this weekend, officials with the resort say. But a mountain manager said it is too soon to tell just how much of the mountain will be open to shredding. Megan Edge

The Wooden Ski Classic sponsored by Sons of Norway and the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage was the first race of the AMH Anchorage Cup, a non-points race, held at Russian Jack Springs Park on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014.  Skiers were encouraged to wear traditional Scandinavian wool costumes and use wood skis and bamboo poles during the annual event.

Bill Roth

Ice floats! Everybody knows that. What you might not know is that ice is one of the few substances that weigh less in its solid state then it does in its liquid state -- and if that wasn't true, well, we might not be here.

Bob Hallinen
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