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Every year, thousands of reindeer in Canada's Northwest Territories cross at the aptly-named Swimming Point on the Mackenzie River in Inuvik.

With more than two dozen climbers already on the mountain and warm weather making it possible for businesses to open earlier than usual, the season is off to a strong start in the national park surrounding North America's tallest peak.

Mountaineer Conrad Anker came to Alaska in 2011 to ski Mount McKinley, and along the way captured stunning vistas and the vastness of Denali National Park.

Alaska’s avian summer visitors are already here: Arctic terns, lesser snow geese, common goldeneyes, mergansers and many others. Among the most impressive are the majestic sandhill cranes, which have paused to feed in fields near Palmer, Anchorage’s Potter Marsh and other locales.

The mighty Yukon River isn't causing flooding woes this spring -- and Alaskans living on its banks and state hydrologists hope it stays that way.

For 50 years, Buckey Winkley has been the hunting-guide-in-residence at Rainy Pass Lodge, the state's oldest hunting lodge. In that time, he's amassed a collection of hundreds of antique firearms and photos from successful hunts -- enough to fill a museum of his own design.

Most ants cause no trouble for Alaskans. Carpenter ants are the only real nuisance ants in Alaska. They look and act somewhat like termites, though they are not quite as aggressive to your woodwork.


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