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Kenai River dipnetters appeared to be on the verge of going apoplectic Friday at the news the Alaska Department of Fish and Game might allow an emergency opening of the commercial setnet salmon fishery off the mouth of that river. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. This is not a simple situation.Craig Medred
State fish biologists plan to meet Friday to assess whether to allow hundreds of Cook Inlet commercial setnetters to put out their nets Saturday for sockeye salmons, which would dramatically affect the chance for success this weekend by Kenai dipnetters and sport fishermen.Lisa Demer

King salmon that have returned from the ocean to Ship Creek school up near the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery in Anchorage.

Bill Roth
Angler Rudy Tsukada is no athlete, but the self-admitted desk jockey loves chasing salmon, halibut and rockfish from his ultra-stable 12-foot Hobie Outback. He finds the ease and convenience of kayak fishing addictive.Kevin Klott
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