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The idea behind “American River Renegades” was to feature people who make their living along the water. For PJ Simon, a Koyukon Athabascan who grew up at the foot of the Brooks Range, that means subsistence fishing and hunting. Alex DeMarban
After my first backpacking trip, I sneered at the car camping of my childhood -- those tiny plots of campground, each with its own picnic bench and spigot. What an easy way to get outside, I thought derisively. Exactly, I think now.Alli Harvey

Ride out the bore tide with whitewater kayakers in this video shot in Anchorage's aquatic backyard.

Tara Young
As mom to an active 9-year-old son, I'm always on the hunt for places that feed his desire for outdoor independence and indulge my need for quality family time away from the usual day-to-day busyness. I found that at Manitoba Cabin.Erin Kirkland


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